Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Rest of July

The day after we got home, we finally got to pick up our new van (it had been shipped from Dallas while we were gone).

2015 Honda Oddyssey

Ninja turtle, Caleb

...and with the Chewbacca mask on
(On another note, isn't that display waay too high and dangerous??)

Some recent projects from our little builder:

Philip was impressed with all of his balancing here!

...and a cool spaceship drawing he made for a friend of mine (with some details he learned at the space center)

Random Target picture

Caleb is getting good at disc jam!

We had our annual CC parent practicum on August 2, 3, and 4th and this year I was the supplies coordinator.    That meant that I needed to get and organize all the supplies that the camp leaders would need for the Latin, Geo Draw and Play camps.   This was the day I organized it all into bins.


Philip got me a spice shelf and he and Keenan built and organized it - I love it!

You can't really tell - but in this picture, I have Three kids in a row (our friend, John is at the back) at the dentist!   I was actually there with FIVE!

A pretty picture on my morning walk

Caleb lost a tooth in camp on his first morning of practicum!

The practicum went really well and was a big encouragement as we get ready to start our 7th year of homeschooling.  However, I took Zero pictures. 
Well, other than a few of the speaker's slides.  This one cracked me up:

I am in crunch tri training time, since it's coming up on the 25th.   I feel like I take at least half of my showers at the Y now!  (Which is kind of nice, actually, no kid interruptions!)  :)


Mom W. said...

The van looks great!! Glad you got it!!!

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