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Florida Trip 2018 - Day Five (Space Center and Girl's Day)

On Monday the 23rd, Philip and the boys went to Kennedy Space Center.   Moriah and I like that stuff, but probably not worth the cost of admission.  ;)   We had a girl's day with Mom instead (more on that later).

Caleb trying out a Mercury capsule

And Keenan's turn in the Mercury size model

Both of them could fit in the Gemini capsule

And even a little more room in the Apollo capsule

Larger view of the rocket garden

We watched an IMAX movie about the future of the space program and then went on the bus tour to get a closer look at some parts of that future.

The Mobile Launcher Platform for the future Space Launch System (SLS) in the background

Pad 39-A which is now leased by SpaceX where the Falcon Heavy is launched

The fence is curved to keep gators on the outside of 39A

More clear view of 39A with the fixed support structure and sound suppression system water tank

Pad 39B, where the SLS will launch

Looking back up the crawler way at the Launch Control Center and the Vehicle Assembly Building

Philip watched a launch from that little rail bridge back in high school

The bus tour ends at the Apollo Saturn V center with the actual consoles and they take you through the launch of Apollo 8, the first mission to go to the moon

And a SATURN V!!!

The boys saw 1/4 of the end of a Saturn V in DC at the Air and Space Museum and have been really looking forward to this part of the tour,

This is the actual gantry from the Apollo 11 mission

We had lunch under a moon lander

Alan Shepard's, the first American in space, spacesuit from Apollo 14 is still covered by some dust from the moon

The Apollo 14 command module, so cool that this actually has orbited the moon

Saturn V from the top end

Closer view of the MLP undergoing renovations

Grandpa Jeff used to work in that "small" building on the left

After that we were on to the new crown jewel of the visitor center.  It may be half the height of a Saturn V but it's still huge...

If you look closely you'll see Caleb and Keenan at the base of the right solid rocket booster.

They play a video that ends with a view of the orbiter only to suddenly raise the screen and reveal that you're looking at the actual orbiter Atlantis...

Caleb having his mind blown

Boys photo by Atlantis

Pretty cool to see into the bay (unlike with Discovery in DC)

Caleb crawling through the space station playplace

Keenan coming in for a landing on the orbiter's trajectory

Caleb followed (after a couple of twin sonic booms at the top)

So yeah, Caleb hated landing the shuttle  :-)

Getting some help from a real life KSC employee... Grandpa Jeff

After wrapping things up in the Atlantis center we visited the Astronaut Hall of Fame...

Mission Control from Friendship 7

The original NASA sign from the Mercury Mission Control Center in 1959

It's made of multiple layers of wood, hand painted stars and all

Caleb posing as Alan Shepard

One last photo on our way back to the parking lot at the end of the day, so much fun!

While all of that was going on, we drove to Oviedo, Fl to visit Philip's cousin, Cheree and her sweet kids.

First stop was The Simple Greek for lunch - sooo good!!

Then we went to a fun coffee shop...

They had a Viewmaster!!

Selfie by the pretty pallet wall

Mom's beautiful drink!

My iced coffee, with my own tiny pitcher of cream!

Fun silhouette

They had a "thankful book" for guests to write in

How cute is this??

Love this picture of Mom!

Then we went to Cheree's and I got right down to baby snuggling...

Baby Elise

Moriah wearing the Boppy ;)

I had to share with Moriah

Cheree's middle guy, Andrew

How precious is this??

Moriah took these of Cheree, Mom, Elise and I

The boys (Andrew and Evan) Loved Moriah and she was great at entertaining them

We stopped on the way home and bought stuff for a shrimp boil and had that for dinner when all the guys got back from the Space Center!  So fun!


Jeff had requested a space themed picture from Moriah - she didn't disappoint!

We all watched Apollo 13 to cap off the night.  I love that movie!

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