Saturday, July 7, 2018

Scraps of June

Here are random pictures from my phone that I didn't want to forget:

The kids and I went to a free school lunch and they were doing a milking demonstration!

The view on my morning walk around the ponds in our neighborhood

The tiny rental car we're currently driving ;)
(Toyota Yaris)

The kids with their swim instructor after two weeks of lessons at the Wichita Swim Club

Me, outside in 99 degrees (felt like 106) when I had Strep again

An adorable stitched picture Moriah made for Myrtle

Sunset on a walk

Sunglasses Keenan bought for himself - I love them!

Keenan proud of his garage sale purchases - all for $5!

Silly pool pictures:

Keenan's friend, Cash, pulled off an epic mid air catch!

What a goof

The kids are into making jumps now

I bought this brand new Mastermind game (for $2) at a yard sale and we've had fun teaching the kids how to play :)

A tiny cabbage from our CSA share ;)


Amanda said...

Is it a tiny cabbage or a HUGE Brussels sprout?

Mom W. said...

5 pairs of sunglasses Keenan? Wow!!

A Yaris is pretty small, I am sure that must seem so weird!!

Laughing at the cow getting milked, they could let them see how you do it by hand too!!! Educational though!! Great!!