Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Lathams visited the Pennys (and we got to hang out, too!) July 2018

Josh and Susan Latham are from Florida. We met them at Eglin Air Force base when Philip was in residency. Josh was in the class two years ahead of him. The Pennys got to be really great friends with them when they moved from Kansas to Florida. The Lathams visited last summer, but we were in Canada at the time. We were so glad to get to see them this time!

Last Tuesday, we had the Pennys and Lathams over for dinner.  Melissa brought and grilled some amazing Carne Asada and I made guacamole, fresh pickled onions and provided the sides.  It was a fun evening!

Melissa grillin' up some beautiful meat

Melissa and I are both proud of this pretty food picture we staged ;)

Moriah with Brooke and Eden

Melissa, Susan and I
(It's so nice that the evenings are so beautiful now and we can be outside!)

The guys (Josh, Philip and Devin) talking politics

This cracks me up!   The twins made it all the way across our neighbors yard and up onto their deck before Melissa caught them!  Haha!

I love this pic I snapped of Grace

On the 6th, the kids and I joined both of their families at Exploration Place (way to go, kids, getting free passes from your summer reading programs!)

Caleb, Treyson and Isaiah on the teeter totter

I love this picture of Caleb and Isaiah in the building room!

All of the kids loved building with these!

The big boys - Jade, Keenan and Luke

They shed their costumes to get down to some real building

All TWELVE kids!

After Exploration Place, Keenan had Jade and Luke over for some "guy time".  

Attempting the "make your own ice cream in a bag" thing
(Though we have had success with this before, it didn't turn out this time and I had to put it in the freezer)

Next up, Pie Face!  (Thanks, Auntie Bekah!)
These are pretty self explanatory:

That evening, both of their families went to the Drive In to see Ant Man and the Wasp, The Incredibles 2...and some even stayed for the Third movie (starting at 1:30 am), Solo (Star Wars)

Since three of their kids are under two, I offered for them to put them to bed at our house.   It was the easiest babysitting ever!   The Lathams put Rebekah to sleep in one guest room, the Pennys put the twins to sleep in the other room.   I went to bed.   Susan picked up Rebekah (without me even hearing her come in) around 1:30 am, and the Pennys left the twins overnight.  They woke up around 7:45 and Devin came and picked them up!  :)

They woke up Super sweet and cheerful, so I snapped some shots of them in the great light inside the front door!

How precious is she?

I Love those big brown eyes!

The focus is off in this one, but it's still super sweet

On Saturday night, we ordered pizza for dinner and hung out with everyone at the Pennys and the guys had a game night. * After ordering the pizza online, I shredded the Papa John's gift card I had used...and then realized it wasn't the gift card, it was my Credit card!!  Oopsie...   I also made a 

Here they are playing a cooperative (and Extremely long and involved) game called Pandemic

I also took some shots of little Rebekah, since Susan hadn't gotten any when they recently had family photos done.
She was a natural!

That evening, after Moriah and I left the Pennys (Keenan and Philip stayed and played games until midnight!), we drove to Josh and Charis' house (parents of baby Joia) and met Charis' cousin's family, who would be spending the night at our house!   They are missionaries and were on a road trip and needed a place to crash for the night before ten hours on the road the next day (Josh and Charis' house is tiny).  They were a delightful family (with kids the same genders and almost exactly the same ages as our kids!)  Unfortunaely, their time with us was less than twelve hours, so we didn't really get a chance to connect. 

The Johnsons

On Sunday afternoon, when they flew back to Valparaiso, the Lathams graciously delievered these two beautiful tomatoes to Myrtle for me!   When I was talking to her on the phone the other day, she had mentioned that she couldn't get any tomatoes to grow and that she was "hankering" for a good tomato sandwich!   I bought these at the farmer's market on Saturday and packaged them up to fly to her as a surprise. =)

She called Sunday evening (while we were at house church) and left the sweetest message, saying how delighted she was, and that they were the most beautiful, delicious tomatoes she'd ever had in her life!    Praise God for inspiration and good friends!  :)

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Mom W. said...

Wow, lots of fun and busyness. So glad you got to see the Lathams and that they could take the tomatoes back to Myrtle!! Such a good idea!!! Praying that her tomatoes do better and she gets some good ones she can enjoy!!