Saturday, July 7, 2018

Fourth of July, 2018

We had a wonderful Fourth!

Like the last few years, we headed out of the city, just the five of us, to explore a new place!  This year, we chose to hike at Sand Hills State Park.

New shirts from Grandma E!

The hike was pretty, but HOT!!

Climbing up a bluff

The pretty view on top

I love this family selfie!

It was a nice treat to find blackberries growing several places along the trail!

Philip and I and a little photo bomber :)

This was on the Cottonwood, and we Really appreciated the shade!

Keenan was our fearless "spider web clearer" at the front of the pack

Just us girls <3 p="">

After our hike, we headed to a nearby playground and sat in the shade (and within the reach of a dragon that was also a misting machine!) to have our picnic lunch.

On the way home, we stopped at a fireworks tent:

The kids wanted to get this - isn't that a ridiculous package!?

When we got home, most of us took naps, then we had dinner and Moriah and I switched into our second outfits of the day:

I was Delighted when we found these online!

She also had pretty eye decorations on from Grandma E

Philip and the kids set off our own fireworks and then we sat in the driveway and watched the neighborhood show.  It's so much fun!   I really wish some of our family could be here for it some year...

Caleb did a Ton of sparklers

Philip in the foreground and fireworks down the street
(Some of our neighbors were still setting them off on the 6th!)

This was the perfect, restful, togetherness kind of day that our family needed after the past month!


The Woodfords said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day! Love, love those matching dresses!

Mom W. said...

The black berries bring back SO many memories!! Yum!!

Love the dresses!!! Wish we could join you for the fireworks!! =)