Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Florida Trip 2018 - Day Two (Air boating!!)

Matt and Jess had gotten back late the night before, so we spent the morning catching up with them and hearing all about their amazing ten days in Israel!

Caleb and Adilyn used this mattress box to make a fort out of!

Super fun game of Wits and Wagers!

That afternoon, Dad took us air boating!   None of our family except Philip had ever been before, so it was really exciting!

Dad and the grandkids on the dock

With Philip

All ready to go!

Caleb got to sit up by Captain Mike!

There were herds of cows grazing out there - it was crazy!

This face epitomizes the trip!  :)

I love this

Happy dude

She was soo happy (didn't even know I was taking a picture!)

A baby gator in the middle of the picture

His boat was so powerful (450 horse power!) that he drove it right up on this island hill!

This was a large gator that disappeared as we got closer

Keenan taking a turn in the high seat

I thought this was pretty

He pulled around so Moriah could grab the rope swing (she did Not swing)

Caleb loved being up front with Papa

We nearly missed this calf, who ran back to his mama

Some times it was so grassy, it looked like we were boating through a field!

Thank you Dad/Papa for this Amazing gift!!

Sleepy kids on the way back

Back at Matt and Jessica's:

They had gotten a new mattress, so their other one made for a fun play area in the living room.

Cousins doing the splits
(Adily had just returned from gymnastics)

Great balancing, Adilyn!
(Notice Philip) ;)

Then Matt did Reagan!

We thought the mattress was as good a place as any for our family pic :)


For dinner that night, Dad took us all to Long Doggers!

Cousins piled up while we waited for our table

I love these matching boys!

These sweet girls have to stick together!

Kids tasting the amazing wings!

Our whole group!

Check out Keenan's huge cheese dog!

Parting ways after dinner

We had to say goodbye to Papa that evening (except for Philip, who drove him to the airport the next morning).  It was a wonderful, but too short, two days with him.  We very much missed our usual week in Wichita with him during his time home from Kenya.  We love you Dad!

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Mom W. said...

That was so weird with the cows grazing in the water lands, with the gators? Looks like a fun time though!!