Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Florida Trip 2018 - Day Three (Family Day at Mom and Jeff's)

I started the day with a HOT run!   It was 89 degrees out, with 99% humidity.   It was a little sweatier than my morning runs back home :)

Saturday morning is Bacon and pancake time at Grandpa Jeff's!

Keenan loading up his pancakes with chocolate chips

The bacon master!

The pancake master!

Look at that bacon!
(I think this was 10 pounds)

Isaac is so tall and grown up at 17!

The whole fam (minus Erik) for lunch

These three sat at the bar in the kitchen

Next up it was family picture time!

Mom and her grandaughters

Caleb holding up the mantel

All fourteen of us!

...and our usual goofy one

Isaac thought it would be fun for us to re-create this shot from five years ago!
Look how small all the kids were!

Now a lot of them don't really fit into their "spot" anymore!  ;)

Mom and Jeff with the grandkids

...and with their kids



Caleb bomb!

Handsome guys

Us girls

Mom had a ton of art stuff out for the kids, which Moriah especially loved!

Keenan and Hudson in their element


Crafting girls

We played a Hilarious (and boisterous!) game of Family Feud in the afternoon.

We were team Bulletproof

This was Team Uhh

I love this picture of all three buried in stuffed animals!

What a fun day with fun people!


Mom W. said...

Oh so fun to see everyone, Isaac is a handsome young man!! Where does the time go? Great pictures, everyone looks great!!!

Kathleen said...

Thank you SO much for being such a great photographer. The pictures were fabulous -I always love to look at everyone’s spontaneous expressions on the “funny” ones -and I forgot about team Bulletproof & Uhhh. Too funny. That was the best time & I still laugh at Matt & Erik putting on a show facing off with each other about the answer to one of the questions! Play Dead! LOL. I so miss each and every one of you. Please let’s not make it be another 2.5 years till we’re all together again. I love you so much!! Mom E.