Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Florida Trip 2018 - Day Four (A Rocket Launch, Church, and the Beach!)

Sunday started super early for us five, since we got up just before 2 am to watch a rocket launch!

Haha!   It was so dark, no one could keep their eyes open with the flash!

These cell phone pictures don't really show much, but it was Really cool to see (and hear) in person!

Some fun pictures after church:

Mom and I with her niece, Debi

All the ladies

Jessica and I

We went home, grabbed yummy leftovers for lunch, and packed up with Jeff to head to the beach!  (I didn't want to get sand in my camera, so all of these are on my phone.)

I LOVE this picture!

Keenan coming in

The kids Loved the waves!

The only bummer was that everyone got super itchy from something in the water so had to cut their swimming short!

We two decided to hunt for seashells and found a Ton!

Making sandcastles (that's Isaac's girlfriend, Graecee on the left)

It's been a while since we were in the ocean!

These three dug a hole and found a frisbee!

...and just like that, Florida got cranky, a storm blew up and we had to leave!

We stopped to look at a few cruise ships and a lock on the way home

...and then this happened. 

We went back to Mom and Jeff's, everyone showered, Matt and Jessica came over for the evening and we all ate, played games and watched a Hallmark movie.  :)


Mom W. said...

I wondered if that was Isaac's girl friend but didn't want to ask. She looks like a really nice person!!! Too bad for the itchy and the storm but glad you got to do your Florida beach again!!!

Kathleen said...

Love the beach pics since I was unable to go. I’m so glad you got to see & hear (that’s the best part of) the rocket launch!! So funny with their eyes closed. It was one of the best and loudest launches we’ve had in a long time! ❤️