Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Canada Day 2018

Our Canada Day was pretty low key.    I hung the flag up in the window, so it greeted everyone when they woke up..

I also surprised them with maple glazed donuts from the local donut shop.

This picture is about as Canadian as it gets, right?  =)

Also bought these maple creme cookies "Product of Canada!"

It didn't have anything to do with Canada Day, but the vacuum cleaner needed it's quarterly hair removal and colonoscopy :P

I hung the flag on the garage for the rest of the day

The kids and I with the flag (at least the girls were representing the red and white here!

At house church, baby Joia was dressed in red and white in our honor! :)

...I then switched out my earrings and added a blue polka dot scarf before we headed to a Patriotic Tribute service at Central Christian (the kid's piano teacher was the pianist for the huge orchestra/choir performance and she invited us).

It was not like any service we had attended in a church before, but it was a lot of fun!   Everyone got flags, it was very loud and they had beautiful music, some dances, a fiddler, fireworks, and a balloon drop!

Beautiful tribute to all the branches of the military
(They played each branch's song and as it played, all the audience members who were part of that branch stood)

The flag hog

The balloon drop at the end

Then it sounded like fireworks as the balloons got popped!

The grand finale was Dilly bars for everyone!!
(Notice Philip's shirt, representing both countries)  :)

Happy Birthday, Canada!


Mom W. said...

Wow, that was quite the celebration at the Church!!! So fun!! Good on you for what you did for Canada day, we only put a flag in the front window (and it was a paper one) and never even went out to any fire works (except what we saw from our back porch)!! Boring old people we are I guess!! =)

I like Philip's shirt with both represented! I need one of those!! =)

Anonymous said...

I love all your Canada Day touches :) So cute! We were in the States so didn't do anything at all, but I guess our fun Canada Day outing was last Friday.

I've never been in a balloon drop, but it looks pretty fun :)

Love you guys,