Friday, June 29, 2018

Via Christi Graduation 2018, etc

From the 21st, through the 24th, we had Brandon and Bonnie (Via Christi grads) and their two boys, Ethan and Isaac staying with us.  Brandon and Bonnie were taking a class in Wichita all day Friday, and then spent the rest of the weekend visiting friends.   I babysat Ethan and Isaac for them on Friday.  Ethan is 3 and Isaac is 2 months.

He was a sweet, good baby!

I haven't taken care of a baby this young for quite a while!

I decided to try get some shots of the two of them to surprise their mom:

First, Isaac - Ethan was very interested in the whole process, and I love this shot!

My favorite of him

Ethan insisted on wearing the same amount of clothes as the baby (hence the cropping) ;)

What a cutie!!

Since I was babysitting right up until graduation started, I made the gutsy move to take all five kids to the hair salon with me and hope to get my hair done before things went awry!

Caleb and Ethan were freshly napped, the four big kids had a screen to occupy them, and the baby had just gone to sleep!

The big kids were fine, and I set the baby's car seat right by my chair and said to the hairdresser "I want an updo, I'm not picky about exactly what... what can you do by 4:15?"  (This was at 3:55).   She did a great job and was just finishing up when the baby started squeaking!   Phew!  (I forgot to take any pictures of my hair, though!)

I rushed home, got dressed, passed off the baby and his bottle to the babysitters and flew across town to graduation!   We actually had two sisters babysitting 12 kids at our house!)

A selfie with my man

Full length picture outside
Philip just got a new suit!

Devin and Melissa and the recently returned from Africa, Dawnita and Todd!

The graduation went great and was over by 8:30!

The next day, the kids went to a birthday party in the afternoon and I did my nails before we all headed to a residency pool party.   This is where we say goodbye to the recent graduates and hello to all the new interns.  When I left the party this year, I knew the names of 15 of the new 18 residents - woop!!

Fun nails

That evening, this bundle of sweetness arrived.  His name is Louie and we had agreed to "kitten sit" for a few weeks while our friends were out of town.    Caleb has showed some signs of cat allergies in the past, so a few days previous, we went and spent about half an hour with Louie to see if it was going to be a problem for Caleb to have him around.   Caleb had no symptoms, so we went ahead:

How adorable is he???

They brought all Louie's stuff, bed, food, etc in and left and we were delighted to start playing with him!   However, within a very short time, Caleb looked like this:

Uh oh!
Clearly he is allergic!  =0/

We had to call our friends back and (after apologizing profusely) had them come pick him back up.   Boo!


Mom W. said...

Awww, so disappointing, I guess you guys will have to get a hairless cat if you ever decide to have one!! ;)

Maybe it depends on how much ventilation there is... ?

Anonymous said...

Love your dress and your hairstyle. You looked beautiful! You are SO BRAVE for trying that with all those kids. I don't think I'd try it with our three, so I'm really impressed :)

Sorry about Caleb's allergy - that's no fun at all!