Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Neighborhood Ice Cream Social, and Some Unfortunate Events

Last Wednesday evening, we hosted an ice cream social for our neighbors.  The kids delivered invitations around the block, telling people we'd provide ice cream, bowls and spoons and a couple toppings, if they wanted to bring their favorite topping and join us!  Twenty eight people showed up!   It was So much fun!

A highlight of the evening was meeting the (sweet) family of our new babysitter, Sarah.  They live half a mile away, in our neighborhood!  They are Christians and were Such a delight to meet!

The Miller Family

Our crazy kids and a bunch of their friends

Topping table
(I think we went through 1.5 gallons of ice cream!)

The Millers were great sports and played the new disc game (and then Jim, the dad, got talked into playing Every yard game we had out!)

My friend Sara, from two doors over

Allison and Alexis

Hope and Eric


The view out of the garage

...and back at the house

The disc for Philip's new game accidentally ended up in the drain near our driveway, so our neighbor Eric helped me lift the (insanely heavy) manhole cover off, we put a ladder in and Keenan went down and retrieved it!

The kids Loved this!!

While getting ready for the party, Keenan and Moriah had accidentally closed the garage on one of our cornhole boards... knocking it totally crooked.   When Philip got home, he and I tried pushing on it and realized that the track was badly bent on one side, and then it ended up totally coming Off the track on the other side!

Thursday morning - both vehicles stuck inside
(Devin gave Philip a ride to work and the kids and I got a ride to swim lessons with my friend, Becca and her Father in law).

When we left the house for swim, we accidentally locked ourselves out of the house!

In hopes that it would be cheaper to fix than to call a locksmith, Becca's FIL helped us break in through the garage door!

That afternoon, the garage door repair man came and when he saw it said, "Oh, that's Bad."  Oh, boy...  After about 75 minutes, though, he had it fixed, and it cost WAAAAAAAY less than we were expecting, so we were so grateful!   Cheney Doors - we Highly recommend them!

What a week!  :)

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Mom W. said...

I read the first post and wondered what you meant by the broken garage... until I read this. Lots of adventures!!! The ice cream social sounds fun, deadly for me but for for your neighbours!!! So glad lots came and the Millers like like a wonderful family. Lots of girls!!!