Thursday, June 7, 2018

Memorial Day, Mechanical Bull, Etc

Summer is in full swing here!

On Memorial Day, the kids and I joined a bunch of friends at El Dorado lake for some beach and grill time.

 Caleb and Treyson being adorable

 I love this picture!

 Justice's first time at the beach!

 Some of our friends (Eden and Moriah in the background)

 Joh, Devin, Paul and Sean playing Spikeball

 Caleb, always the builder

 Justice and Grace

 Treyson and some bathing beauties

 Melissa and I
(looking a little happier and relaxed in front of the water we swim in for our triathlon!)

The kids were digging a channel between Caleb's sand castle on the far right and Jade and Keenan's sand castle (over by Jade)!

 A hammock full of pretty ladies

Funny boy's selfie on the way home
(I paid Caleb a dollar and let him take pictures on my phone if he would stay awake the whole way!)

On Monday evening, we went to the surprise 50th birthday party for Bill, one of the current residents at Via Christi.   He retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel and navigator on C-130s before starting medical school!   What a guy!

The birthday boy!

Our kids were Dying to try it and all rode it at least four times!   (They were all sore the next day, which I got a huge kick out of!  Ha!)

Caleb was the first one to jump on after Bill and his son

There goes Keenan!

 Moriah didn't let her skirt deter her
(I however, let my skirt deter me)

A picture one of the residents snapped of us
(Yes, I do look very tired... on that note, my sleep study came back....totally normal.  Yay and boo)

 Piano teacher's cat being adorable with Keenan at piano on Tuesday

 Rockin' it out at the library while signing up for the summer reading program

 Free summer lunches and Caleb experiences his first "uncrustable" PB and J sandwich and is a Huge fan!!

 Hilarious dog attachment on a stroller at the market on Saturday morning

 Caleb Saturday afternoon ;)

On Sunday, we made the four hour drive to New Life Ranch in Oklahoma to take Keenan to his first week long summer camp!

 Caleb's sweet pea teeth on the way

 All ready to go!

We got Keenan checked in and then took his stuff to his cabin and met his leaders.   While Keenan was changing into his bathing suit, I was going to get Keenan's sheets out and make up his bed.  Philip said, "No, you will NOT make his bed!   He's not going to get made fun of for being the kid who needs his mom to make his bed!!"  Haha!   I hadn't even thought of that!   I'm his mom!  :)

It felt strange (but not as sad as I had thought it would) to leave him and drive four hours back home.   We are happy to be able to send him mail, packages and emails... even though he isn't allowed screen time to respond to them.  We are also able to view pictures of the campers at the end of the day, so it's fun to go through them and spot Keenan here and there... always having tons of fun!

 Caleb and his friend, Jonah at the library on Monday

 Caleb and I checked out a new library on Tuesday during Moriah's session and he wanted to pose with these two :)

 Moriah and Eden all ready to do some swim practice for their tri next month!

 Joined by a "too cool for school" Treyson and a photo bombing Jade

 Trying to convince Grace to eat some food at a free lunch

The sign that summer is Truly here!   The dumping bucket at the YMCA waterpark!!

I LOVE this photo of Keenan from the camp website yesterday!!


Mom W. said...

How fun!! I was glad you felt well enough today to post on your blog!!! Praying for your adjusting time... Head ache today? Love you!

Rebekah Storey said...

What I would have given to do a Memorial day with the Dooley's and Penny's again! Just like old times, on the water! Fun fun fun!