Monday, June 25, 2018

Father's Day 2018 and random phone pics

Father's Day was pretty low-key here, just the way Philip likes it.  :)

Breakfast pizza!

I gave him a Super Dad sticker for his shirt and a new photo of the kids.   They kids made him cards and he got several in the mail as well

Sporting his new sticker on his Father's Day shirt from several years ago

I gave him this disc game (it's like KanJam) and we all had a great time playing!

Philip and Moriah were a team and Keenan and I were a team

That evening at house church we spent time welcoming six new interns to our fellowship and saying goodbye to some who are leaving:

 I had to hold a sleeping baby

Praying over Katie (who is graduating and moving to Oklahoma)

Okay, random phone pics:

Moriah receiving a hymnal with her name on it - her prize for memorizing all of the weekly songs during Awana this year.   

Keenan and I made a early morning trip to Peabody, KS to pick up half a cow (we already had half a hog in our freezer, so we are at capacity between our three freezers!

I am pursuing vericose vein treatments on my legs, and for my ultrasound they gave me these stylish paper shorts!  :)

Smiley boys at the YMCA waterpark

Free donuts at Krispy Kreme when the "Hot Now" sign is on!

Playing "Nine Square" at our friend's pizza party
(I helped make 30 pizzas to be baked in their outdoor pizza oven!)

The kids are taking two weeks of lessons at the Wichita Swim Club

I was left in charge of Grace and Justice, and after being in the kitchen for two minutes, this is what the living room looked like!  Ha!  :)

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Mom W. said...

30 pizzas, Wow!! Yum though, Good pictures of the house church fun and prayer time!!