Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Eden, Tam and Moriah's Girls Day

Moriah has been dying to have a girl's day with her friends.   Tam recently returned from a year in Africa with her family and last week was the only time that all three of our families would be in town until late July!   We decided to cram some girl time into Thursday, between everything else that was going on.  :)

The girls came over around 11 am.   Moriah gave them each matching flower necklaces (she has one too) that say BFF.  They hung out for a while in Moriah's room, and then started watching Leap.   I made them pizza for lunch and they opted to have a picnic in the backyard.

Eden, Moriah and Tam

Love this one!

Next, we headed to our neighborhood pool (we biked, long boarded or rollerbladed, since the van was still stuck in the broken garage!)

Attempting a triple piggy back

Fun jump shots

Bathing beauties

Too cool

Melissa brought them all special drinks and their favorite candy!

We headed home from the pool, and they retired to my jet tub to finish their movie, while eating more snacks ;P

It's a rough life

A bath bomb turned the water green!
(This was Eden's horrified look when she found out that Argentina had lost in the world cup)

They finished their movie on the couch, while I gave them pedicures:

Teal, pink with white polka dots, and purple with sparkles

They all had matching shirts, too!

We are so grateful for such sweet friends!

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Mom W. said...

Anxious to hear how the year in Africa went. I see they are back (has it really been a year?) It looks like Tam is doing well and the pics of the three girls (and fun things they did) are so lovely!! Special times they will remember and you made if so fun for them!!! Good on you!!