Sunday, May 27, 2018

Joia's 37th Birthday - 2018

 What a spectacular birthday I had!    To start it off, I asked if I could have a "hotel night" downstairs in one of the guest rooms.  I went to bed early, watched a couple shows and started reading a new book "The Secret Daughter".  When I woke up, I was able to do my devotions in bed, get ready, do some computer stuff and have my breakfast. 
The kids then told me I could come upstairs, and I came up and saw that they had decorated and laid out gifts and cards on the table.

 Moriah made the banners in the window

 There was even a special chair for me :)

Caleb wanted me to open his gift before we left for the race, since he gave me a cactus, and had drawn it on his shirt ;)

My frothy, delicious bulletproof coffee as we headed out the door

We stopped at the market first, and picked up our produce share, and then drove to the race location, getting there an hour before our wave time, just like they suggested.

 A pre-race group selfie

 At the start line

We checked our phones at bag check, and didn't take any photos during the race (it would have been really tricky to carry a camera or phone on the obstacles), but Philip Did wear Jade's GoPro camera, so we have awesome Video of the whole thing!

 A much sweatier, post race selfie ;)

Here is the video Philip edited from the run!

Instead of paying $5 each for cold treats at the race, we went to QT for our own cold treats on the way home...

Showing off our medals (they're actually made of rubber)

 We got shirts at Dollar Tree and decorated them for the event!

 Moriah did such a great job!
(Aren't the little balloons in her hair so fun??)

 The back

 Caleb's is adorable
(Complete with me holding my cactus)

 Moriah decorated Keenan's for him


"Let's Party!  (it's my birthday)"

 "I'm only 19.6 Mars Years Old"

Then it was time to open my gifts and cards!

 This one is from Caleb
(with some help from Moriah)

 From Moriah

 From Keenan (he commissioned Moriah to make it for him)

 Opening Philip's funny card

 Keenan gave me a multi-tool (which I had hinted heavily about wanting)

 Moriah got me this awesome Nifty Nut House shirt that I had been eying!

 Philip got me the beautiful succulent planter, they all gave me the coffee (my favorite - Seattle's Best, Very Vanilla) and the beautiful cards are from both our moms

Next, I cut and trimmed all of the kids race shirts to fit them better (the smallest size they had was adult small!), we had lunch, and I took a nap!  :)

After that, Moriah, Keenan and I prepped a bunch more of our berries, got some ready for jam, made some Strawberry Grenadine, took some to the neighbors, made bananan bread and then headed to the Pennys.  They had invited us over for dinner and were grilling steaks!   They also invited over a bunch of our house church friends - how fun!

Look at this fun "cake" Melissa made me!

 Justin had brought party hats over and all the little kids sang happy birthday to me :)

All of us in our race shirts (quick before dinner and the kids got food on them)

This was my perfectly rare steak - it was the best I've had in a long time!

Michaela gave me this beautiful text!

 ...and another singing of Happy Birthday by the adults, with candles

A picture with Michaela and Melissa before we left
Gosh, I love these women!

I am So blessed and thankful for such a wonderful celebration of my birthday!   It could Not have been better! :)


Mom W. said...

Wow, fun to see the pictures, you look great Joia!!! Glad you had a good special day!!

The Woodfords said...

What a fun day! So glad you had such a nice birthday! XO

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