Thursday, May 17, 2018

DC Trip 2018 - Spy Museum/Arboretum

Philip and Keenan spent the morning of our last full day in DC completing the one thing that Keenan desperately wanted to do as soon as he learned we were going to visit DC, despite the fact that we required him to pay for his own admission because it is one of the things in town that is not free.  Yes folks, they went to the International Spy Museum.  Caleb would have been free but opted out and it was probably a good idea.  According to Philip it is an interesting, engaging and well laid out museum, but it still involves reading a lot of displays which is not really my thing and and certainly not Caleb's thing at this age.  Keenan loved it and said it was in his top two things of the trip along with visiting Udvar-Hazy.  They learned a lot of interesting things about this history of espionage and intelligence gathering.  One display claimed that pigeons were the most decorated military animal and shared the story of a famous World War I pigeon named Cher Ami who saved nearly 200 men by flying 25 miles in 25 minutes despite multiple wounds, including having one leg shot off.

Outside the entrance
(No flash photography was allowed and Philip didn't take many pics inside)

While Philip and Keenan were gone, Moriah, Caleb and I watched an episode of "Nailed It" on Netflix.  A hilarious baking show where contestants are given a time limit to copy, to the best of their ability, some elaborate creation.  The winner gets $10,000.

I got in a short nap while the kids watched a couple episodes of other shows, and then we walked to lunch...

A selfie with some of the beautiful ivy on the way

We decided to eat at Dupont Italian Kitchen - it was delicious and fun!

After, we stopped by McDonald's for chocolate shakes for the kids and an iced coffee for me

We met Philip and Keenan back at the house after they had lunch at Shake Shack and then picked up a ZipCar and drove to the National Arboretum (another place Philip had never visited during past trips to DC because it is well off any MetroRail stop).

Zipcars are rented by the hour, we used them a few times while we were here

The first thing we checked out was the Azalea Collection, which was still quite impressive despite some damage from the severe rain storm the previous night:

Such a pretty trail!

Us pink girls

This bush had two different colors growing on the same bush!

Some of them looked like this!

Fun artsy shot

A pretty little pond we found

It was FULL of frogs!   We could probably see ten at a time!

Moving on to the Asian Trail...

I loved this tiny, curled fern!

Lastly, we went to the Bonsai Museum.

I hadn't really understood much about the art of Bonsai before, but apparently you can take just about Any kind of tree, and through years and years of "training" they call it, you can groom and manipulate it into a miniature tree!

The gardens were quite beautiful 

An Azaelea bonsai!

Keenan was more interested in reading in the shade ;)

This is a forest style bonsai

I think this one is perfect

This one blew us away - as the sign below says, it has been in training since 1625!!!

That blows my mind

The National Herb Garden was my favorite part of the day!

I don't remember what this fruit was called, but it looked Amazing!

Moriah took this for us, and if you look closely, you can see Caleb sneaking in the background

By this time we were all HOT and tired, and were ready to head for home.  We had dinner and spent the evening packing up for our flight in the morning.

On Wednesday the 16th, we took our last metro ride, had two great flights back to Wichita, and rode our last escalator for a while... whew!  It's good to be HOME!

What an amazing trip!  I have to give Huge kudos to Philip for all of his extensive planning to make this trip possible and so full and rich for our family.  We saw and experienced So much and we are so blessed and grateful!  Love you, Babe!


The Woodfords said...

Such a neat trip! Thanks for sharing it with us - I loved seeing all the places you went to!
Glad you're back home safely!
Love to you all,

The Woodfords said...

Hey Joia, great summary of some really neat places you got to visit...


The Woodfords said...

Thanks for sharing!


Mom W. said...

Wow, I can see why are glad to be back home!!! But what an amazing trip, so glad you go to do it!!! So glad everyone stayed well and healthy too!!!