Sunday, May 6, 2018

DC Trip 2018 - Round Two of Natural History and American History Museums

The kids and I ventured out on the metro by ourselves today to see more of the museums we did a quick overview of the other day. 

An attempted selfie 

First, we went back to the Museum of Natural History.

The kids got to hold this cool grasshopper

Check out this HUGE bug on the guy's shirt!

Keenan was brave and held the Hissing Cockroach!

This just gives me the shivers

This is a blown up depiction of a mosquito head!

One of my very favorite things so far was the Nature's Best Photography exhibit!!    Completely awe inspiring and breath taking!   Here are a few of my favorites:

This is lava

I took this one just for interests sake...

I had never even heard of these bears!  Have you (Canadian) guys?

Then we went back to the Museum of American History...

 The Spark lab was an area where kids can work on inventions of their own

Caleb and Moriah decided to build a car

Next door was a younger kid's area that Caleb really enjoyed...

There were antique baby bottles and feeding pots!

Planting a garden (I know, I know, maybe they hadn't thought about the fact that oranges don't grow like that..)  ;)

One thing that Moriah and I really enjoyed was the Doll House exhibit.  It was as tall as I am, has 23 rooms, is inhabited by a family with 10 children, 2 visiting grandparents and 20 pets!   There are about 1,300 pieces of furniture/accessories in the house!


Cranking to make power to light this to the top

We took the metro back, walked home, had lunch and then headed to Mitchell park a few blocks away...

Someone else had already picked this and he found it on a ledge, I do Not approve of picking flowers from public flower beds!

Playing ball tag

...with a new friend, Isaac

Watching the train come
(We have been and will be spending lots of time underground on this visit!)

Tonight we had a guest for dinner, Philip's friend, Jeff, from Illinois.    The kids did a great job helping me clean up the condo, we found a fancy table cloth, I made citrus chicken, rice and several veggies, and we even scrounged up ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Off to bed before hitting up the National Zoo tomorrow!


Mom W. said...

No thank you for the bugs but the animal pictures were great and the doll house so amazing, so detailed!! Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures - so beautiful!

I also love that in the middle of a trip you have enough time to vacation a little. You know what I mean? I'm glad you planned days where you can go back and see things and just go to the park. Mark and I tend to fill our holidays too full. We see a lot, but we don't get any rest either.

Anyway, looks like a fun day together :)