Tuesday, May 8, 2018

DC Trip 2018 - National Zoo

On Monday, the kids and I took the bus to the zoo...

Caleb being snuggly on the bus

At the entrance

The same shot nine years ago!  :)

Philip took a break from his conference in the morning and met us at the zoo entrance and hung out for a bit...

First we saw the otters - they were so playful!

Look at this silly guy!

On the panda sculpture

One of the beautiful elephants

Philip's cousin, Angela, and her two boys, Leo and Mack, met up with us shortly before Philip had to head back to his conference.   It was really great to see her, since we haven't seen much of her since she got married and moved to Virginia and didn't really know her kids at all!

One of the most special things about this zoo is their giant pandas! 

This guy was so funny - he made it seem like it took so much effort to lie and roll around on this shelf

How cute is he!?

This is the second one - just chillin' and eating bamboo

...and the third one, also eating.  They eat primarily bamboo (which can't be very calorie dense), so they eat ALL. THE. TIME!)

Selfie of the Cabey Baby and I

That's one cool Sea Lion

Caleb and Leo didn't really know each other at all, but they really hit it off!

The sea lions showing off

All the kids, waiting for the sea lion demonstration to start

The trainers demonstrated all the behaviors the sea lions are trained to do so that when they have to see a vet, they are used to showing their teeth, their tails, their bellies, etc

Everyone intent on the show

Touching some real sea lion fur

We were surprised that the Andean bears were doing anything but sleeping!

I love this shot of the kids with an Ariapima
A tankful of Red Piranha

They aren't very attractive, although not as evil as cartoons make them look

This Sucker Catfish was hilarious!

Some pretty fish

Violet-line Piranha

Bird Eating Spider

Love this group photo of us all - practically perfect!

This was really cool, it's beetle artwork...

...made out of beetles!!

The kids looking at the world's most poisonous frog - the Golden Dart Frog

Two scary lions ;)

A pretty waterfall - it was a pretty hot day, so we were thankful for the spray

This is Leo's signature pose :)


Who naps like this??

This guy definitely had his eye on me

How cute are they together?

Highlight of the day - the long awaited Komodo Dragon

He's almost cute!

Stare down

On an (incredibly hot!) anteater sculpture

Moriah was super excited to see the Fennec Foxes, and even brought her stuffed one along, but they were very elusive

Peeking through a whole at one

Sand cat

Larger Malay Mouse-Deer

Red-ruffed Lemur

Cute Armadillos!

Southern Tamandua

At this point, we were near the front gate again and parted ways with Angela and the boys - we'l see them again in a few days!

Some cute Meerkats

I think this is hilarious ;)

After leaving the zoo we got Slurpies for the kids, decided to walk back, instead of taking the bus or metro, and most of us took naps...

 The sweet boy who napped with me

After dinner we walked back to Stead Park..

 One of my monkeys

At bedtime, these two (who had napped until 5 pm) were not sleepy, so I ended up hanging out in bed with them for a while since Philip didn't get back until late from a meeting that night

Sorry I got a few days behind - I will try hammer out a few posts tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That's crazy that the plane crashed where it did. I'd never heard that before either. Thankful that lives were spared!

Caleb really does look like a Cabbage Patch doll :)

Mark and I went to Arlington Cemetery when we were first married and I remember being very touched by the reverence of the ceremony at the grave of the unknown soldier.

You guys are really getting your exercise this trip! How does Caleb do with all the walking?

Love reading these posts :)

Rebekah :)