Saturday, May 5, 2018

DC Trip 2018 - National Mall

After breakfast, we headed to the metro...

This kid can read Anywhere!

This is the sight that greeted us when we came up from the metro :)

This pretty castle is the Smithsonian Institution Building

First up - the Museum of Natural History!

Since Air and Space the day before hadn't exactly been Moriah's and my favorite thing, Philip let us take our time in the minerals and gems area...

The Hope Diamond (I stole this picture from Wikipedia, since it doesn't photograph well)

This was an amazing copper sheet, mined in one piece in Michigan!

Moriah pretending to lift an amethyst geode

How pretty is this display??

Caleb with his birthstone, Citrine

How they ever managed to transport this without breaking off all those tiny crystals we can't imagine!

This is from Congo

The amazing African Elephant in the foyer

The bones from one of the front legs

I didn't think the Bone Hall was going to be very interesting, but I was wrong!

Up top is the skeleton of a Right Whale

A giraffe, llama and camel

Cool bird skeleton

Keenan with a huge Logger Head Sea Turtle




Huge Swordfish - Creepy!

The triceratops was Massive!

This T-rex skeleton was found in the northern great plains of the US!

Walking into the Ocean Hall

This shows a man in a kayak in comparison to the Bowhead Whale

Amazing fossils!

The kids posing behind the jaw of a Giant Great White Shark

I don't know what this was, but it was terrifying

And then the Hall of Mammals
(one of my favorite parts!)

The posing was amazing


Beautiful owls

 I don't know the names of these birds, I just thought they were cute

Next we did a quick look through the Museum of American History (the kids and I will probably go back)

Since we were there on May 4th, they had some Star Wars characters out, posing for photos
"May the Fourth be with You"

Love this

Julia Child's kitchen!

In the Transportation section:

That train on the left was HUGE

Fun shot on a train!

Can't believe this actually used to be a real ad!

I loved this cool 3D star made out of money in the Coins, Currency and Medals section

Caleb and Moriah bought sunglasses from a street vendor

After grabbing lunch in the food court in the Ronald Reagan Building, we showed up for our ticketed time slot at the Museum of African American History and Culture.   The first part was very solemn (a bit like the Holocaust Museum), as we went through three levels that detail the history of the slave trade.  Then there were several other levels about the culture that were much "lighter" and more interesting for the kids.  I hardly took any pictures, though.

Keenan with Jackie Robinson in the Sports section
(who he recently wrote a paper on)

 This is the Contemplative Court waterfall

Quote from Martin Luther King Jr.

After a big day, Caleb fell asleep on the bus as we took a loop around the tidal basin and monuments

 Taking the looong escalator up out of the metro close to home!

Looking back down

We got back to our neighbors having a Very loud party.   I was the second neighbor to go knock on the door, and fortunately they quieted down so we could sleep.   The places are So packed in here, everyone is living on top of everyone else.   Another day in the books!

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Mom W. said...

I was trying to remember the name of the green rock from Congo but wasn't coming up with it... I remember seeing it there though.

What a loooong escalator, how far down is the subway?