Wednesday, May 16, 2018

DC Trip 2018 - Mother's Day/Museum of the Bible/Oyamel

On Sunday morning, I came down to all of these sweet gifts waiting for me!

Cards from everyone a notepad from Moriah, bracelets from Keenan, flowers from Caleb, and La Croix and dinner reservations from Philip :)

The pretty flowers

After breakfast, Philip took the kids to Rock Creek Park so I could have a few (blissful) hours to myself.   Here are a few pictures from their time out:

Small dam and waterfall on Rock Creek

The original waterfall was located a short distance upstream but this one was built during a period of time when the mill had been converted to a tea room and the waterfall provide a scenic view for the guests. 

Pierce Mill with waterwheel visible

We received a great tour from this NPS Volunteer

One of the cool things about this site was that you were allowed to touch just about everything.  They could actually feel the texture of the millstone and we visited every floor to follow the path of the grains through the mill.  The automation allowed the mill to be run by just 1 or 2 men instead of 8 or more pre-automation.  It uses basically the same system that we saw in operation when visiting Mount Vernon so the frame of the millworks is not connected to the walls.  They only run the mill two Saturdays a month but since the old dam is no longer present they can't use river water.  They use city water in a recycled loop to conserve water when running the wheel.

After lunch we went to the Museum of the Bible!   It is one of the newest museums in DC and boasts SIX floors of exhibits, all about the best book ever written!

I really liked this quote from the Mayflower Compact

Much of this museum wasn't the type of thing to take pictures of, but I got a few:

A microfiche Bible that was taken to the moon!

Bible given to George H.W. Bush by the crew of Air Force One on the end of his term in office

I found my name on the Bible name wall!
(Caleb and Philip were up there, but Moriah was not - I guess because her name was not the name of a Person in the Bible)

This was a cool "digital dinner table" that displayed different meal traditions and prayers from different cultures

Keenan found a cool machine that will print out a slip saying how much time passed between Jesus and your birthday

A replica of the Gutenberg Printing Press

A woman demonstrating how it worked

The type set plate that held all the individual letter pieces and had ink rolled onto it

Twisting the crank that pressed the paper down onto the type set plate


Caleb with some baskets of olives - one of his favorites!

Just a shot of part of the museum

Trying to read the old English in this early KJV Bible was entertaining!

This room was very interesting.   This wall shows all the languages that have whole or partial Bibles...

...and this wall shows languages where they have only begun translating the Bible...

like these ones...

....and then there was a large section of languages that don't even have the beginnings of a Bible

The name of this restaurant in the museum cracked me up

Caleb loved the Children's section

Strong like Goliath!

A shot with the capitol on the way to dinner

We discovered that it was the beginning of Police Week (an annual event memorializing officers who have died in the line of duty)

There are a lot of police in general in DC, but NEVER before have I seen this many police officers all in one place!

Next we stopped by the Canadian Embassy!

The kids sitting on fun Canadian chairs in the "Rotunda of the Provinces (echo chamber)" outside the embassy

Me and my flag

It's quite an impressive building and is the only embassy along the inaugural route between the Capitol and the White House

My little Canadians and I

For dinner, Philip managed to get Mother's Day reservations at "Oyamel Cocina Mexicana", a restaurant that came highly recommended to us by friends.  It didn't disappoint!

The outside

It's a "small plate" restaurant, so each person usually orders three or more plates.

This was my first plate - some type of squash (I had never had it before, but it was delicious) with nuts, red onions and a fancy cream sauce

Philip's chicken enchillada

On the left (they are famous for this) my grasshopper taco (Really!) and on the right was Philip's brisket taco.   The grasshopper taco was quite delicious.  Crunchy, very flavorful and a little spicy.

A shot of the inside of the restaurant 
(that orange ceiling on the right is all flowers, and underneath it is the "guacamole station" where the guy just makes pots and pots of the BEST guac ever, all night!

The boys

Us girls

The kids and I (and my complimentary rose) after dinner

One with flash
(You can see three police officers in the background of this one - there were police officers walking by the entire time we were there!)

What a fun Mother's Day it was!   I am so blessed to have the little family that I do.  <3 p="">

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Mom W. said...

I really enjoyed this, (just catching up) I didn't know there was a Museum of the Bible in DC... interesting, we would love to see that.

The Mexican restaurant was unique... I'll pass on the guacamole though!!