Sunday, May 6, 2018

DC Trip 2018 - Chill day/Embassy Row

Saturday was the first day of Philip's STFM (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine) conference.

 The kids sitting out in front of our condo, waiting for the grocery man

The kids needed an unstructured day of burning off energy and "being kids" (instead of being quiet in museums), so we walked to Stead Park, a few blocks away...

 Fun rock climbing wall

 Playing some soccer with a ball they found at the house

 Caleb's dimples are really starting to show!

 These two had great fun jumping along this wall

 Mid air!

 Caleb was leap-frogging over the bumps

This is how the streets in our neighborhood look, so pretty!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill, and after dinner we all went for a three mile walk down Embassy Row to look at all the beautiful homes and Embassys.  I don't have much to say about these photos, they are just pretty buildings...

 People in this part of DC don't have yards, but they sure know how to do flowers!

 I Love the ivy around these windows!

 Tulips at the Dutch Ambassador's house

 His beautiful door

 Venezuelan Embassy

 I think this was just someone's home - so pretty...

 ...and they had this cool sculpture on the side!


 Nelson Mandela

 British Ambassador's house!

 This statue of Churchill has him positioned with one foot in Great Britain and one foot in the US, so we are standing in Great Britain here! :)

 Hey Tim and Steph, here is the Mexican Embassy - on Cinco de Mayo!

 This totally looks like another country
(which I guess, technically these Embassies all sit on property that IS their country!

 Just showing the beautiful (expensive) houses (with the Porsche out front)

 Love this one

 You can't really see them, but the hydrangeas on either side of this door are Amazing!!!

 I don't remember what country this is from, but this statue is quite elaborate!

At the Kenyan Embassy for Dad D!  :)

Dupont Circle
(This is the name of the neighborhood we are staying in)


Mom W. said...

Love the dimples and Keenan's orange, very orange !!!! =)

Anonymous said...

The flowers and the houses are beautiful! It seems like May would be a great time to visit with the flowers and blossoms out...

I know what you mean about so many people on top of each other. I felt that way in Europe. People live in such close proximity to each other! I guess I am a suburbs girl at heart even though most people make fun of the suburbs. I like a little space... And country people would laugh at that! Oh well! I'm happy with what we have here :)

Love the soccer pictures too. I'm glad you are having such a good time!

Love you,