Thursday, May 10, 2018

DC Trip 2018 - Air and Space Museum

On Tuesday morning, the kids and I walked to another pretty park - Meridian Hill Park.  I was super excited about it because it looked Gorgeous from the pictures we had seen online.   It was pretty nice, but disappointingly, none of the fountains were filled or turned on yet!   It would have been Breathtaking if they had been!

 The biggest fountains in the park

Oh well, a cute picture of the kids will have to do

That afternoon, Philip skipped out early on his conference and we met him at the metro station and he took the boys to the Air and Space Museum on the National Mall.

Caleb on the bridge of the aircraft carrier keeping things steady

Keenan arrived to help so Caleb could focus on steering

Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis"
First solo nonstop transatlantic flight

One-quarter of the bottom of the 1st stage of a Saturn V

Touching a rock from the moon!

See Keenan by the landing gear of this 747?

Caleb with a new friend

Boys selfie from the National Mall entrance

While the boys went to the museum, Moriah and I hung out at the condo, snuggled up on her bed, watching the movie, Leap.   It was really cute!   We then had dinner and played a game together.

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