Thursday, May 3, 2018

DC Trip 2018 - Air and Space Museum

Our DC trip is underway! I am going to make a valiant effort to blog as we go... :)

(This picture isn't actually part of our trip, it's just a picture I love of the kids on my new phone!)

We flew out yesterday morning, through Atlanta, and arrived at Dulles Airport (about an hour from DC) at 7 pm.   We rented a car, had dinner and checked into our hotel.

This morning after breakfast, we made the short drive to the The National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-hazy Center.

 At the entrance
(the next pictures are from that tower!)

 What a great view all around on a beautiful day!   (Temps in the 80s!)

 Keenan brought a notebook and quickly got to writing notes

 At this point, Keenan said, "Daddy, can we never leave here?"  Ha!

 SR-71 Blackbird
(It's final flight from L.A. to here took one hour and five minutes!)

 Keenan ended up writing 13 pages of notes!!  He could. Not. Get. Enough!

The orbiter named Discovery!

It's massive!

I love this shot of Moriah "holding it up"!

Me with the Canada arm!

So cool to see this!   The kids COULD NOT believe that Philip actually has one of the tiles off of this that needed to be replaced while his mom worked at the space center!

Caleb loved how tall this rocket was

Moriah with an astronaut suit, wearing one of the gloves

This satellite was suspended above Discovery and I thought it was really pretty

Looking into the Restoration Hangar

This place is MASSIVE

This is the actual Enola Gay (the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima)

Again from above

My favorite shot of the day ;)

This adorable little cutie is called "Sky Baby" - it's tiny!

To give some perspective, this shot shows the Sky Baby from above, nestled under the wing of another plane :)

This didn't ever make it into mass production, but I think it's a genius idea - it's called the "Airphibian" - made to fly to the airport, then detach from the body and become a car!

This helicopter, The Spirit of Texas, was the first one to fly around the world!

This is GlobalFlyer (with a wingspan of 114 feet), and it flew around the world non-stop, from Salina Kansas (about 1.5 hours from us!) in 67 hours with a single pilot!

This is called Double Eagle 2.   It was a catamaran type pod, topped with a hot air balloon 112 feet high, was the first balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean

The Spirit of Columbus was the plane that flew the first woman around the globe

This was hard to get all in one picture, even with my wide angle, it's the Concord!

Another shot as we went past of Discovery

This plane was at Pearl Harbor and got shot up while on the ground by the Japanese

Caleb and Moriah got to sit in a small plane and see how all the controls work in a Cessna 150

Keenan landing an Orbiter in a cool simulator

Final shot with the sculpture outside called "Ascending"

Caleb's favorite thing from the museum was the Sky Baby car, Moriah's was the Airphibian, and Keenan said "Don't ask me that"  :)

He also said, "Daddy, that was about 15 times better than I was expecting, and I thought it was going to be pretty good!!"

After leaving the museum, we drove the rental car back to the airport and then took a bus to the metro train.   We rode it for about an hour into DC.  From the station we walked about a third of a mile to our home for the rest of the trip.

 Keenan reading, Caleb sleeping

 Super attractive picture of me ;)

Philip and Riah

Here's our place!

It's gorgeous!

Dining area


Backyard patio area

Master bedroom

Other bedroom 
(one kid will end up on the futon or air mattress)

Philip unpacked a ton of stuff, I took a nap, and then we had our groceries delivered from a nearby grocery store (how awesome is that??) and had dinner.

More adventures to come!


Mom W. said...

Wow, no car for the week? That will be different!!

The museum was very interesting. I guess I was thinking of the little plane as being the air equivalent of a Smart car!! Haha!! It is hard to believe that it really flies!!!

Sounds like a fun week, looking forward to your posts!!

Anonymous said...

So many comments :)

I've been to DC a few times and LOVED it. But I think I only ever spent a day or two there, so we didn't really get to feel like we were living there. It's so cool that you get to stay longer and get a real feel for the place!

I LOVE that all the attractions are free. That's pretty cool! I just really liked the vibe there :) Wouldn't want to live there, but loved visiting.

I love how excited Keenan was about the Air and Space Museum. I'm glad it exceeded his expectations :) SO cute!

And awesome idea to blog as you go! I always wait until I'm home and then feel burdened to try to post about days of fun things. I love having the record, but I think you writing right now, when things are fresh is a great idea :) And of course, I look forward to the updates!

Love you,
Rebekah :)