Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Au revoir April

April ended with a few exciting things!

On Tuesday, the 24th, I was honored to be the photographer at the Air Force retirement of our friend, Lieutenant Colonel, James Hanford.  His beautiful wife, Stacy, is a dear friend and fellow homeschool mom in our community.


On Wednesday, Moriah had her chipped tooth fixed!   I don't think I even mentioned that it was chipped (nor did I ever get a picture of it!)  It happened while we were in Nebraska as she was pushing Luke on the swing and his head hit her chin.  There was a fairly large piece of her tooth gone!   She was nervous she might have to have a shot for the procedure, but they just gave her this funny mask with laughing gas...

Cute little Rudolph

She was a Model patient and did So well - I and the dentist were so proud of her!  He did a beautiful job and you can't even tell it was broken!

The tooth that was repaired is her right front tooth on the top

While Moriah, Caleb and I were at the dentist, Wendy took Keenan out for his belated birthday lunch.  They also discussed the book, "Island of the Blue Dolphins" that they had both read.

Wendy took him to Rib Crib and he got the Triple Meat Combo...

...and when they mentioned he was celebrating his birthday, the restaurant brought him THIS for Free!!

While we were waiting for Keenan, we did some shopping at Dillon's and this happened...
Seriously - this picture is such an accurate representation of this kid ;)

On Saturday, Moriah and I ran our (much anticipated) girl's only 5K in Hesston, KS.  It was called the Emma Creek 5K and there were 601 people in the race!   The participants raged in age from 5 to 90!

While waiting for the race to begin, we walked to a nearby park and Moriah tried out this weird thing

Moriah was hoping to set a new PR for herself, and she certainly did!  Her first 5K time was 32:57 and at this race she came in at 30:09!   She actually beat me!  I had donated blood the day before (not thinking about the race) and was also in the early stages of strep throat (it was diagnosed later that day).   Had it not been for Moriah, I don't think I would have finished the race!   I came in at 31:15.
Moriah placed 11th in her age group, out of 92 runners!   I was 14th in my age group out of 68 in mine.   Overall, we placed 94th and 114th out of 601.

So proud of this girl!
Her shirt says, "This Girl Can"  :)

After in our race shirts

It was a great race and we would like to make it an annual event!

A super cool suspended magna tile creation the kids made
(The secret is that there is a yard stick supporting it)

On Sunday, our house church had a special gathering to dedicate all the babies born recently.  A year and a half ago, there were ten new babies, and on Sunday, there were six more!  (We didn't get a picture of me sporting a stylish green mask for the event - spreading Strep to babies is not cool).

From left to right with their parents are:  Bethany, Abraham, Levi, Lyla, Joshua and Joia

Exciting things coming!  :)

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Mom W. said...

I had to have a chuckle over your typo about the 5 K saying that the participants raged (?) from age 5 to 90!! It was funny (and I hope not true!! ;)

Wow, what a HUGE dessert Keenan got free for his Birthday!! Did he still have space after that huge lunch?

Hope you are having a good break!!