Sunday, April 22, 2018

Nebraska Trip to Visit the Storeys!

The kids and I drove to the Omaha area to spend a few days with our dear friends, Josh and Rebekah from the 9th to the 12th of April.   It's only a five hour drive and was an easy, beautiful trip, so I think we will be doing it more often in the future!

We got there fairly late, said a quick hello to everyone and settled into our comfortable quarters downstairs.   That night, Caleb came down with croup, and none of us slept much.   Poor kid.

The next morning, our kids joined Josh and the boys for bible study (and hot beverages) before breakfast.

Love this

One of Caleb's very favorite things was their Zip line!    He did it over and over every day that we were there. :)

Moriah was the ONLY girl with six boys, but she didn't mind!

The Storeys have a fantastic backyard!    Caleb climbed way up in one of their trees

Tuesday morning, Keenan went with the boys to Bible study and Moriah and I went for a quick run on a beautiful trail in their neighborhood while Caleb and Rebekah hung out at the house.

What the kitchen counter looks like in an all boy house ;)

Josh was able to be home during our visit and he engaged the boys in a lot of fun - dart wars, capture the flag...

....and sparring 

Keenan and Elijah armed and ready

These crack me up!

They have the SWEETEST dog, Cherry

Moriah getting a ride, while Josh shoots to cover them...



There he goes again!

We could Not have asked for better weather when we were there!   It was Gorgeous!

Moriah sitting in the sun, writing some of her very first poems!

Here is one:


"I sit on a nearby hill
Close to a field of pansies
The beautiful pansies sway in the gentle wind
The bees and butterflies hover just above them
The hawks swoosh around in the sky
The mice scurry around on the earth's surface,
Beneath the cover of the pansies"

Boy, did we eat well while we were there!    

Rice, beans, shrimp, mango salsa, lime yogurt sauce and homemade queso!

Check out this beautiful, frothy coffee!
I am not even a coffee drinker, but Josh and Rebekah make such amazing coffee drinks that I had FIVE while I was there!

On Wednesday, they took us to the Omaha zoo!   I think it is the number two zoo in the country, and is A-mazing!!!

My favorite part (I could have stayed all day) was their massive, beautiful jungle exhibit!  It's like living in a lush rainforest!

This is looking down from the second story

These fish were Huge (and kind of creepy), they are called Arapiamas, they are a predatory fish that can reach 10 to 15 feet in length!

This guy was posing for us

A pile of anacondas

All the kids

Behind the waterfall

How pretty is that!?

The kids loved climbing on these vines

The hippo exhibit (not a bad place to live, I'd say!)
I love the way they designed this, so there wasn't walls or fences, the enclosures just had an organic feel about them

Isn't this So weird!?   It's a soft-shelled tortoise.  Keenan laughed because I thought it was a duck billed platypus ;P

An Asian Tapir

For Grandma!  :)

Françios' langur
(I love his hair)

Our whole crew
(This was taken by Josh's awesome mom, Lynne - she met us at the entrance and got us in on her grandparent's card and saved us a chunk of change!)

Next up was the Aquarium!

Judah and Moriah
(These two have a really sweet connection and have so much in common, it was so fun to see them reconnect even after not spending much time together since we all lived in Florida!)

All seven kids

Keenan staring down a big fish

He just stayed there!!

Look at this tiny starfish I'm pointing at!

This tunnel under water was really cool

Lots of sharks!

I Love how well jellyfish photograph!

Moray eel

Keenan challenging a Bonnethead shark (a member of the hammerhead family)

The Butterfly house was beautiful, but I didn't get many photos:

Luke checking out some bugs

Adorable Red Pandas

Beautiful Snow Leopard
(I love how even wild cats do that silly thing with their tongue sticking out!)

My fave

A Polar Bear lazing in the sun

At lunch time we stopped at Adventure Trails - a Huge kid's area!

Caleb convinced me to climb through an obstacle course with him!

Proof that I did it!

Selfie on a big net

I actually dropped my lens cap in this part - and it didn't fall through!!

Haha!  I love this picture!

Caleb and Cherry (this happened a lot) <3 p="">

An intense game of Checkers

These next photos are my FAVORITES of the trip and make me laugh and laugh!   It really is a miracle that (despite many injuries, including some pretty bad scrapes and a chipped tooth) no one got seriously injured in their crazy escapades!

Moriah, Luke and Judah

Picking up speed...

Uh, oh!


Nice "over and out", Moriah!

Judah, Elijah and Moriah, towing Keenan (what could possibly go wrong?)

Keenan's catching up

Man down!

We lost him!

Always so stylish

This time, Keenan decided to go First, with Judah and Moriah behind in the wagon

Oh boy...

Judah grabs Keenan's shirt

Keenan and Moriah laughing (Judah looking very concerned - he's the driver, he feels the weight of this responsibility heavily!)


Keenan bites it again


After much begging from Caleb I finally gave in and took a ride on the zipline (slippers and all)

Another Amazing meal!
Sauteed carrots, cabbage and kale, with delicious beef and topped with cottage cheese

More Caleb and Cherry

On Thursday morning, Rebekah and I got some time to ourselves.   Josh made pancakes for all the kids and we went to The Egg and I for a delicious breakfast!

After breakfast we did some thrift shopping before heading back, having another cup of coffee and saying goodbye.

Thank you Storeys!!   We had a Terrific time and can't wait to visit again in the summer!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! How special to spend time with the Storeys!

It looks like all the kids had an awesome time :) And I guess Moriah's like her mom, holding her own amongst a bunch of boys! You just need to teach her to arm wrestle! Haha!

Anyway, it looks like a beautiful trip, and I'm glad it was such a good time for you all. (Right now, a vacation - anywhere- looks pretty awesome to me!) But I know how close you guys were in Florida, and I'm glad you guys can be so much closer (in proximity) than you were before!

Love you,