Friday, April 6, 2018

March Madness

Here (belatedly) are the rest of our march happenings:

Sweet moment captured, Moriah reading a book to Caleb

The before and after of the ultimate haircut!

How cool is this that Moriah made out of lego??

Here are a few pictures from classes at our CC community:

Caleb's class

Moriah's class

Keenan telling jokes during presentation time

Keenan's afternoon Essentials writing class

Our friend, John, showing the kids how to beat a hard phase on the game "Rush Hour"

I bought a pasta machine a while back (with a gift card from Tim and Steph!) and we have had a Blast making our own pasta!!

Look at that spaghetti!

Rolling the dough

Using the fettucini attachment

Trying an egg-less recipe (which the family also loved!)

My cute helper and our latest pasta creations, cut in several different thicknesses

On Friday, the 30th, we went to a Seder dinner at the Pennys. Well, Keenan and I went, the rest of them were not feeling well:

John and Heather, Justin and Paul

Sarah, Katie, Joe, Steve and Margo

Patrick and Josh being goofy
(They were in the same residency class and I don't have a picture of Josh's wife and daughter from this event)

Devin, Daniel, Drew, Lindsay (Lyla), and Melissa

I love this experiment and have fond memories of doing it in kindergarten:

The kids put beans (black, pinto and kidney) in wet paper towels and these pictures were taken just a few days later!

Moriah's black bean

Caleb's pinto

Keenan's kidney bean

On Saturday the 31st, we visited Botanica again and the tulips had started bursting out!

Watching the trains

Moriah and I had a blast trying out a new recipe for brownies...and fooling ALL the boys about the fact that they had Black Beans in them!!   Nobody guessed and they all loved them!  :)

Moriah and I also tried our hand at making home made pitas!


Rob said...

Those pictures of Dan and then Philip really show how much they look alike, Eh! I would definitely try those brownies and I already know about the black beans.

Anonymous said...

Haha Rob. Philip does look a lot like his dad - always, but especially when he has a beard!

Love this update. I love seeing how much fun you’re having with a daughter and the many fun things you can do together. What a special blessing! I have another friend with two sons and one daughter. She LOVES her boys and enjoys them so much, but there’s just a special bond and special things she can do (and now that she’s an adult, work together) with her daughter. I love seeing that you have that too ��

I hope April is a happy month for you all.

Love you!


Mom W. said...

Wow, I was getting used to Philip WITH the beard, doesn't he want to have it any more? Yeah, he does look a lot like Dan with it.

The pasta machine looks really fun!!! Black bean brownies eh (do they have cocoa in them too?)

Love you,