Sunday, April 8, 2018

Easter 2018 and stuff...

On Easter morning, we had a joint house church brunch and Easter service at the Pennys.

Here are a few snaps from that morning:

Drew, Nick, Jade and Eden

Leigh Ann, Lauren and Eden

Lindsay, Christa, Shiloh, Justin, Christa's mom, Michaela, Becca, Christa's Dad, Aaron and Malinda

Evan, Paul, Devin and Joe

Melissa and Beniah, Heather, Charis and Joia, Katie, Caleb, Katie and Joshua

New baby Levi and I!

Some of the kids acted out the Easter story, starting with the women going to the tomb...

Eden narrating

Moriah (Mary Magdalene) and the other women going to the tomb

Seeing the angel!

The angel is Treyson on Jade's shoulders, with a blanket over him (Jade is reading and whispering Treyson's lines to him from under the blanket)  SO funny!!

The women seeing Jesus

Telling their friends...

...who don't believe them and have to go see for themselves

They return amazed!

All of them listening when Jesus appeared to the disciples

See Keenan's nail scars?

Taking a bow

Charis' dad, Larry, doing a beautiful retelling of the Easter story (and also demonstrating how the simple retelling of stories from the Bible is an easy way to share the gospel with friends)

That afternoon, as a gift from Mark and Rebekah, we went to the theatre and saw "I Can Only Imagine", which we thoroughly enjoyed!   Then we ordered in dinner from Olive Garden!  Yum!

Thank you, Mark and Rebekah!

Silly boys...

Caleb dressed up as Keenan!  :)

My two favorite boys!

We hosted First Wednesday here this week and also celebrated Michaela's birthday!

On Friday, at CC, my mind was Blown, when Rick and Melissa Speakman walked in the door at lunchtime!   We knew them from Eglin Air Force Base years ago and he graduated residency a year or two ahead of Philip!   We haven't seen them since at least 2012!   They are moving here and coming to our CC Community in the fall!   So exciting!!

We woke up on the 7th to This!!
(It was almost an identical day to our snowy Easter two years ago - snow in the morning and warm and sunny and green in the afternoon!)

I did a newborn shoot for this family yesterday.  (Remember I just did their maternity photos a couple weeks ago?)  Baby Lincoln came three weeks early!  :)  He's five days old here:

 Look how beautiful his nursery is!

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