Sunday, April 22, 2018

CC, Friends, Botanica and Babies!

Here is a random compilation of things we've been doing recently!

A few pictures from CC:

Keenan and two of his friends (brothers) all showed up in the same hoodie!

Keenan's class:
L-R Elise, Tristan, Amelia, Joley, Katie, Colton, Keenan, Tobias and JJ
Their tutor, Shiahna on top :)

Moriah's class:
Back: Jenn,(tutor) Elias, Bear
Front: Colin, Moriah, Abby

Caleb's class:
Ellen (tutor), extra kid (sibling of Benny) Caleb, Dawson, Benny and Marty
Front: Violet, Avalyn and Landrie

Check out this scrabble board that Philip made and left as a surprise for me! <3 p="">

Another sweet newborn shoot!   Abraham and his parents

On the last week of their Essentials writing class at CC, Keenan and his classmates each presented their final project, a "Faces of History" paper, written about a person of their choice from American History.   Keenan chose Jackie Robinson.

He did a great job and concluded with a "batt drop" at the end!  :)

Celebratory ice cream bar!

Keenan won a prize for "best polished presentation"
(A history book written by a 12 year old!)

Baby Joia is 6 months old!

With her cool parents

On Tuesday, April 17, to celebrate Tryeson's birthday, we gave him "a day of fun with the Dooleys".

They started off with ice cream cones!

Then we went to Botanica.  They have a "fairy house" contest going on.  This one is my favorite!

Isn't it Amazing!?

First we checked out the Chinese garden (it's fun to see how everything has filled in more every time we go!)

I thought this was sweet

Sweet girl in the sweet flowers

Botanica has THOUSANDS upon Thousands of tulips in hundreds of varieties.    I took photos of a few of my favorites:

Love the frilly edges!

They love these stepping stones


Wetting his brush to "paint" the rocks

How cute are they?

Look how beautiful this is!

I love how they planted pansies in among these tulips!

More pansies and tulips, different colors

It was fun that the fountains were turned on

Retrieving coins to throw into the top part of the fountain

SO beautiful

When we got home, Moriah and I put together a picnic for the boys and let them eat out in the backyard by themselves.  They. Loved. It!  (Although Treyson told me it's not a real picnic without a basket) ;)

Happy boys


That night we went to Keenan's first Lacrosse game.  Actually, they played "Chumash", which is a three on three or four on four version of lacrosse played on a field with a skinny goal and no goal tenders.

It was 82 degrees that day!

Keenan is number 34, between Devin and Eden

Fighting over the ball (Keenan is in the middle)
They won one game and lost one

Sweet baby Justice

On Thursday, the kids and I went to the Museum of World Treasures for our second time.   I was a moron and forgot my camera!

Keenan and Caleb with the skull of a Mososaur

Friday was our last CC day of the year and Friday night was the closing ceremonies:

Caleb and his class presenting their memory work

Getting his certificate from Miss Ellen

Moriah's class

Certificate from Miss Jenn

Keenan's class

Certificate from Miss Shiahna

All the classes reciting John 1:1-7 in English and Latin, The Bill of Rights and the President's song

Keenan in a skit with his Essentials class

His whole Essentials class with their tutor, Miss Natalie

Congratulations, Keenan, Moriah and Caleb on completing another year of Classical Conversations!


Anonymous said...

So exciting to see some blog posts, especially when I have some time to catch up :)

I LOVE the scrabble game set up by Philip! How SWEET and thoughtful of him to do that!

Baby Joia is beautiful!

My FAVOURITE picture is the one of Moriah with the flowers! So sweet!

And Congratulations Keenan, Moriah and Caleb on another year of CC! You're getting so grown-up!

Much love from Auntie Bekah :)

Mom W. said...

The Scrabble game was pretty special, a busy man taking time for expressing his sentiments, good on you Philip.

Moriah looks so grown up in the last CC class pictures with her boots and dress!!! Quit feeding them so well, they are growing too fast!!

Congratulations to Keenan on the great presentation and to all of them for a good year and doing so well!! Can't wait to see you all!!