Monday, March 19, 2018

Tanganyika 2018, etc

We took advantage of the huge season pass discount this year and got passes for Tanganyika! We had only been once before (last May with my mom), so are really excited to get to visit whenever we want to this season! 

Beautiful Clouded Leopard

These animals are called Binturongs.   I don't know that I had ever seen them before, but they were having a demonstration and we had a great view!

I didn't think this guy (girl, actually) looked particularly agile, but...

Check that out!

She is more interested in learning behaviors and getting treats than her mate (in the background)

The trainer even had her jump onto her back!  (She weighs almost 50 pounds!)

Caleb and Moriah had front row seats

So cute!

Then she came over to Keenan!

The male one showing off how he can hang upside down on the enclosure ;)

I was Delighted that the Cheetah cubs we had seen last year weren't all grown up yet!
(Despite the fence in the way, I was able to get some good shots)

What a cute and beautiful cat!

Such adorable blood thirsty creatures ;)

Next, we watched a Honey Badger demonstration!

The trainer put them inside for a minute (since they are carnivores and quite ferocious, she doesn't go in the enclosure with them), and then smeared honey in about 15 different spots.  When she let them back out, they ran around and found them all So fast!

Up on the fence, showing off their climbing skills and claws

Ha!  The male one trying to lick honey off the back of his paw where she had put some

We also caught an otter demo:

Otter wrestling

"Yay!  Food!!"

The trainer threw in two buckets full of ice and smelt and it was fun to watch them sort through it with their tiny paws, pull the fish out, and hold them between their paws while they ate:

Sooo good!

I love his tongue in this one!

The Kangaroo pen is fun since you can go in and pet them!

This one was completely relaxed and Asleep, with people walking around it!

A young one with his Momma

Each time we go, the kids get to do an "encounter" - the boys both chose the Lorikeets this time

Caleb had never done this before and loved it!

This one held onto Caleb's cup while he ate!  :)

Not sure what these two were doing?

Moriah chose to feed bunnies for her encounter

The last demo we saw before leaving (my favorite part!) was with the

This photo is from their website, aren't they gorgeous??

The trainer practiced some behaviors with the female (and actually fed her with her bare hand through the fence!)

Having her put both paws up on the fence...

Check that out!   Look how Big she is!!!

Despite it being a little cool, we had a really fun morning at the park.  We ate lunch on the way home and took a family trip to the Y later so Moriah and I could run (we are training for a women's/girl's 5K next month) and Philip and the boys played raquetball.

That evening I did a maternity shoot at the Keeper of the Plains.  Here are a few of my favorites:

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Mom W. said...

I remember the kangaroos being so sleepy, obviously they are really tame!!
Lots of fun!!! Good memories.