Monday, March 19, 2018

Marching Along

Catching up on events in March:

Keenan started playing Lacrosse!   He is on a team with his good friend, Eden.

In all their gear

The only thing I really know about lacrosse is that it is the official summer sport of Canada!  Ha!   I have lots to learn!

At the beginning of the month we went to Tulsa for a P15 (Priority 15 countries) conference.  These are the only pictures I have!  :P It was a wonderful time of fellowship, prayer, seeing more of the specific needs in these countries and meeting some of the people who have been called to go.

Our hotel room was quite spacious and kind of a cool shape:

We had some time to chill when we first got there before Philip and I went down the hall to a gathering while the kids watched a show/read books in the room.

They had these fun cups with the coffee machine ;)

Friends from CC passed on a fun building set to Keenan...that everyone enjoyed!

Keenan and Moriah used some of his extra birthday balloons and made them into "characters" and dressed them up.  They took these pictures one day while I was having a nap. :)

Dress, scarf, glasses and bow

Dress and hair band (now you can actually see the face)

These crack me up!

Is it sad that my kids are making friends with balloons?

Caleb and I made "goop" for his presentation at CC last week
(pretty fun and easy!  glue, water and borax!)

With Joia when some friends were over for prayer one morning

Exciting news for Philip:   Some of the NCAA games are being played in Wichita!   The best part?  The Michigan Wolverines basketball team is in town!!    They had a (free) practice on Wednesday, so Philip took the kids:

They got to sit courtside!

So fun!

The next night, Philip got tickets so he and I could watch a Michigan/Montana game.   It was fun and they won, 61 to 47!

The game went pretty late and we didn't pick up the kids from our friend's house until almost midnight!!  Thanks, Michaela and Nick!

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Mom W. said...

I like the balloon people, very creative and good art work!!!