Sunday, March 18, 2018

Keenan's 11th Birthday!

Keenan's birthday festivities started on Friday evening, when we surprised him by picking up some friends for the "Winter Jam" concert that night.   Several bands we know were there:  Kari Jobe, Jordan Feliz, Newsong, Building 429, and Skillet.   He was Soo excited!!

Our kids with Jade, Eden and Danny (on the end)

There were at least 10,000 people there!

The kids all went and bought junk food part way through =)

Birthday morning:

Keenan woke up to decorations, gifts and his favorite breakfast - sausage and tater tot casserole!

Check out this amazing card Moriah made him!

Him all decked out in his lacrosse gear

Caleb got him one of the Hershey Gold bars that we saw advertised during the Olympics

Moriah got him a huge chocolate, caramel pecan patty

Birthday Adventures in Odyssey for all three from Tim and Steph!

A new, super cool watch from Grandpa and Grandma E!

It has lots of cool functions and seven different back light colors!

He also received $60 in cash from other grandparents and family!!  Wow!

We went to the zoo because we found out that they had lion cubs!!!  (This was a highlight of the day for me) =)

One cub with Daddy

Sooo cute

Following mom

"I told you to get down from there!!"

Both posing with Dad

Tooo cute!

Two of my cubs on a big rock :)

Baby Meerkats!


...and making up

Riah and a wise old ape

Another exciting thing was a newborn Orangutan!

With it's Momma

So tiny!

Moriah comparing hand sizes with another one

Going for a ride...

It's so sweet how she holds it just like humans hold their babies

Look at that sweet face!

I think this handsome dude is the dad

Next, since it was such a nice day, we visited Botanica for the first time of the season (the Pennys gifted us with a season pass and we are SO excited!!)

We went to the Chinese garden first (we hadn't been here before):

This long dragon on the wall was amazing and made out of ceramic!

Koi pond

Beautiful pansies (one of the few spots of color that had appeared yet)

Moriah in a fun spot in the Children's garden

We went home for lunch and then in the afternoon, headed out for a family bike ride... that turned into Eleven miles - just perfect for Keenan's 11th birthday!!

Ready to set out

A picture from the back of the pack

Taking a break

Love this shot on top of a hill in Planeview

After dinner (which was "lawnmower tacos" - another new favorite), they had homemade ice cream cake!

How is he ELEVEN!?


After dinner the kids watched the Lego Ninjago movie (and Philip and I watched Thor Ragnarok) ;)

After the movie, at bedtime, we surprised Keenan with this fun, decorated bed in the guest room, and permission to stay up as late as he wanted, reading.  =)  It might have been one of his favorite parts of the day!

He took a ton of books in there, got settled...and was asleep half an hour later :)

Happy Birthday, Keenan!    We love you, we are proud of you and are constantly amazed at the things you have learned through reading!    We pray that God continues His perfect work in you and that this year is a milestone for you to look back on and remember His faithfulness to you. <3 p="">


The Woodfords said...

Wow! What a fun and busy day! Too funny that he fell asleep so soon that night. =)

Mom W. said...

Amen to your blessing for Keenan, WOW, what a very cool Birthday!!! So special for you all!! I had to chuckle at him being asleep in half an hour though!!!! =) All that fun and fresh air tires a guy out!!