Monday, February 12, 2018

Tim and Steph's visit February 2018

What a special, fantastic, too-short visit we had with Tim and Steph and all their kids last week!!

It was awesome seeing them at Christmas, but with all the events so compacted and so many other people to share them with, I didn't feel like we had the chance to connect much.   It was so wonderful to "have them to ourselves" for a few days. <3 p="">
They arrived on Tuesday just before dinnertime.    We had dinner and then spent some time catching up while five of the kids did several "fashion shows" for us in the living room.  I was enjoying having them here so much that I didn't often think to get out my camera!   Here are the few pics I did take:

Girl after my own heart (and with superior Etch a Sketching skills!)
Look at this horse!!

Several of the girls gave Keenan the gift of time spent playing strategy, world domination games like Risk - boy did he love that!!

Two goofy kids playing playdough on the bar downstairs

Three cute artists

On Wednesday afternoon, Tim and I took six of the kids skating!  So fun!

Our group made up over half of the people there!

Some cute girls

Since there was so much space, there was tag and races, and Tim and I introduced our kids to "crack the whip!"  =)

That evening, six of the kids joined our kids at AWANA.   They all had dinner there, and Tim and Steph's kids (because they were first time guests) got to eat Free!

It was my week to volunteer at AWANA, which worked really well, so I could mostly hang out with Nathaniel and Gwennie in "Cubbies".    They did so great!

During game time, Nata and a new friend were holding hands

The three of us got silly with play dough during craft time

We made beautiful nails =)
Haha!   They're so creepy!

Pretending to eat it!
It was really fun hanging out with these two and is one of the special memories of the week for me. <3 p="">

Tim and Steph are so easy and fun to talk to and we had Lots of great chats.    It's so wonderful having people around who I feel so comfortable with.

On Thursday we acknowledged these three February birthdays with a DQ ice cream cake

For dinner that night, I roasted a turkey (one from the Turkey Trot!), Tim carved it, and Steph helped a ton with dinner.

After dinner, I left to deliver a balloon to baby Joia and Steph cleaned up the kitchen!

Charis sent me this picture of her with the balloon

Steph caught these next three on my camera:

Tim reading a story to the kids (it was entertaining listening from the kitchen)

Cousins bonding over a good book

I guess this one is proof that I was there too ;)

Last few shots before they headed out on Friday afternoon:

These three spent SO MUCH time together!!

The whole crew!

Getting a little goofy...

Joined by another goof...

...and another one!  (Keenan had already left to go to his writing class)

Caleb discovered they had an extra seat and desperately wanted to go with them!    I think he would have made it all the way to Mexico before he realized that we wouldn't see him again for a Year and a Half!!   So glad he didn't go ;)

Love you, Woodfords!   Maybe next time we see you it will be at Your house!


Mom W. said...

So if you see them in Their house maybe it wouldn't have been a year and a half for Caleb!! ;)

What a great feast of pictures an so glad everyone stayed well and had so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mom! With all the sickness going around this year, it's a miracle that you all stayed well enough to have fun! Thankful <3

That's cool that Philip could share a cake with the birthday thief :) Haha.

Anyway, I love all these pictures and am so glad you all had such a great time together. Family is the best!

Love you all!