Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fabulous February

I am NOT planning to get into the habit of doing only one monthly post, but alas here we are again. =)

I won't go day by day this time, but here are some highlights in February:

For his tutoring program, Caleb and I made an igloo for the letter I
(look at that Hair!!)

 Staticy hair (I think this might be a record for his hair length!  It has since been cut)

Caleb and his buddy Dawson doing a science experiment at CC
(To determine which foods have starch in them, they put drops of iodine on various foods.  If the iodine turns very dark purple, it means the food has starch). 

Feb 10 - I made pasta for the first time!   I had No idea it was so easy and took so few ingredients!

Not exceptionally pretty


The family Loved it!!

I actually ordered a pasta roller on Amazon that night.  I have used it once now, but didn't take photos, will post about that soon. =)

This month, (after creating a grocery budget challenge for myself) I decided to try out Monthly grocery shopping!   (This means one big grocery shopping trip a month and then picking up produce each week).   Over the past few weeks, I (with Philip's help setting it up) have created a spreadsheet and collected price data from six grocery stores to help me see where the best deals are.

I have decided to use grocery pick up services at Walmart (free!) and Dillons ($5).  This both saves me time And money because I'm not impulse shopping while I'm walking the aisles!

These two photos show the haul for our next four weeks!

I made the switch from canned to dried beans, so here are three kinds of beans soaking before I cook them... soooo much cheaper!

Baking day!   Bread for a couple weeks and tortillas for the month

The night before Valentines, I stayed up to make special peanut butter fudge for Philip and the kids.   I set it out for them the next morning...

This picture didn't really turn out

I borrowed some of Caleb's washi tape and made little personalized bags

February 15th - Philip's birthday!

He started the day with his weekly "breakfast club" gathering with some guys he works with.   They bought him breakfast and had the staff bring him a free cinnamon roll and sing to him. =)  This is also the Only picture from his birthday!  :0/

For lunch we picked up Chick Fil A (thanks, Tim and Steph!) and had lunch with Philip at work.   When we got home, the kids and I cleaned the garage as surprise for Philip.   For dinner I made gnocchi and steak tips.  

On the 16th, we played Philip's new Ticket to Ride expansion pack.  It was really fun and I had my gutsiest game ever!

On the 17th - Keenan and I did the Salt Mine run with the Pennys!  It's a 5K run 650 feet underground!   Keenan had been signed up for months, and I just ended up running it last minute when Jade couldn't go.  

Us and the other Via Christi people who ran

Waiting to get on the lift to go down

In the (somewhat creepy) dark lift

The post race group shot down in the mine

It was really fun!   We had to wear helmets (in case of falling rock, I guess) and headlamps, because it was PITCH black!   They started us off in groups of 20 or so and we just followed a blue rope on the ground into the dark.  There were reflective signs at all the turns and every so often there was an employee to show the way.   The terrain was pretty rough sometimes and it was soo quiet.   Melissa and I were running by ourselves for a while.  It was nice to have someone to talk to!   Keenan got his best 5K time yet!   26:32!

 On the way home we stopped at a cool country store called Yoder meats and Keenan and Eden got congratulatory frozen yogurts =)

Later that afternoon, Moriah and I went to her first bridal shower ever, for our friend, Marlana.

Moriah was the runner up in the "toilet paper wedding gown" game =)

Caleb was pretty sick and running a fever for a few days, so we got in some good snuggles

Keenan reading out loud to the kids

On the 19th, we watched, "Wonder" - I highly recommend it!!

On the 20th, we had record attendance at our weekly dinner - 22 people!

On the 22nd, I got strep :(  I opted for a "one and done" shot in the hip instead of 10 days of medication this time.

Watched a fun, light documentary on Netflix called, "Exhibition Happiness", also recommend it.

On the 26th, I was cleaning out the dryer vent and something fell down in there.  When I started the dryer, it made a Terrific noise, so I decided something had to be done about it.   I googled, "how to get something out of dryer vent" and then Keenan and I teamed up and unhooked the dryer pipe, took the back of the dryer off, removed the entire vent piece...and extracted Caleb's pickle ornament ;)

My helper - lots and lots of screws to remove!

This is what a dryer vent looks like!

It took us about 45 minutes in all and I told Keenan I would count it towards school as a "mechanics class" for the day ;)
 Three weeks later, the balloon I gave baby Joia is still going! =)

HOW adorable is she!?

Last night was one of our smallest weekly dinner - just the Penny family and two other friends.  

That pretty much brings us up to the present.   I will try to post much more often in March... looking forward to some special events... :)


Anonymous said...

I'll read your posts whenever I can get them. I love the updates on your lives :)

Hmmm... Your grocery challenge sounds interesting. I'm never organized to plan that far ahead, although saving the time in the store sounds AWESOME! (If Mark reads this comment, he'll object since I'm spoiled by having a husband who does about 90% of our grocery shopping! But still picking up groceries sounds like a huge time saver and de-stresser to me.)

That salt mine run looks pretty cool! When Mark was out of work, he interviewed at a salt mine and enjoyed getting to tour it!

Moriah was a very sweet toilet paper bride :)

I love the book Wonder (just finished reading it to my kids at school during art periods) and we're going to watch it on Friday - the last day before March Break. I can't wait.

Baby Joia has the sweetest smile <3

Love you all! Looking forward to some fun next week :)


Mom W. said...

I have Wonder on order so, hope to see it soon...

Enjoyed catching up!! Didn't realize you had strep AGAIN!!

Looking forward to the March post!! ;)

Love you, Mom