Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Visit with the Bolerjacks

We made a quick weekend trip to Oklahoma City to see the Bolerjacks. We'd never seen Blake and Jenna perform before and Barb had told us about a concert close to their house, and offered for us to stay the night before!

We drove to Barb and Buddy's on Saturday afternoon and had a delicious dinner and visited with Blake and Jenna.   We then played Phase 10 for several hours.   I had forgotten how long one game of that takes!!!  Barb and I actually stopped at the 7th phase because it was getting so long and Moriah and Caleb needed to go to bed.

Sunday morning, Barb and Buddy made us a delicious breakfast and we made the 30 minute drive to the church.   There were tons of big, beautiful houses to see along the way.  Barb said we drove through part of "Canadian County" too! =)

This wasn't a typical concert for Blake and Jenna.  The church's choir was doing a musical, written by Michael W. Smith and Blake and Jenna did all the solo parts.  They were having their own concert at the same church that evening, but we couldn't stay.

I snapped this sweet shot of Moriah holding Barb's hand before it got started

Doing their thing!

They both did an amazing job and it was so fun to see them "in their element!"

A quick photo before heading back to Barb and Buddy's

Brent and Lori and their sweet kids, Millie, Gretta and George joined us for some Mexican Train and a delicious roast beef lunch!   It was super fun to see our kids pick right up where they'd left off, even though it had been three years since they'd seen Brent and Lori's kids!  =)

Group photo

We hit the road around 2:00 so we could be back in time for house church that evening, and get to bed in good time for the boy's surgeries the next morning.

Thank you Barb and Buddy for once again hosting us - we love your new house!   We look forward to a summer visit next when we can stay longer than five minutes and swim in your neighborhood pool! =)

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