Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tonsillectomies and Adenoidectomies!!

Since Keenan had Strep Throat FIVE times in three and a half months, and Caleb (who also had abnormally large tonsils) snored loudly and had sleep apnea, we decided that they would both have theirs taken out on December 11th.

That morning we left the house at 5 am (Moriah had slept over at Pennys) in order to check in at 5:30.   Everything went super smoothly.   The staff were incredibly friendly and really put the boys at ease.

First, they got bracelets and got suited up!

Caleb even got a coloring book and crayons (and a surgical cap for his bunny!)

Keenan did a great job having his IV put in (they put Caleb's in after he was asleep from the breathing mask)

It was hard watching them be rolled away through the doors, but neither of them cried..and so I didn't either =)

It went fairly quickly and within half an hour we got to go back and see them in recovery:

Caleb went first so he was awake when we got there, but was very serious and didn't talk for a while ;)

Keenan was a Lot more groggy and was Very funny!

They had asked the surgeon if they could see their tonsils after he took them out, so he put them in little jars for each of them.   To my surprise, they both were pretty grossed out and didn't want to look at them much. ;)  Keenan's were HUGE.   The doctor also pulled one of Keenan's teeth while he was in there.  It was a little looser than he was comfortable with, since the breathing tube had to go in and out past it.

After having popsicles and getting dressed, they were ready to go by 8:30!

Since coming home, they have consumed a LOT of ice cream and popsicles, but surprised me by wanting other foods as well - scrambled eggs, macaroni and apple sauce.   They say that the younger you are, the faster you recover, and that seems to be true, even with their age difference.  Caleb has done more normal things (playing, drawing, etc) while Keenan has spent most of his time on the couch.   Caleb definitely seems a little "blue" though and is very snuggly.   The mornings are the hardest, as they wake up in a lot of pain and have trouble talking and swallowing before their first dose of meds.   Keenan has also had some pretty bad ear pain (which is normal) and they both have breath that smells like death (also normal) =)   We woke them up at midnight last night to give them medicine, but in hindsight, probably should have done 4 am as well, since they both still woke up in a lot of pain today.

Hopefully they'll look back at this as a brotherly bonding experience

On Tuesday night, I invited Keenan's friend, Cash over to play some Yahtzee and he brought sundaes from DQ!

Please keep them in your prayers as they have a ways to go still and we leave for Canada one week from tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Our 3 year old had tonsils, adenoids and new tubes last month. He stayed on what I considered quite a bit of pain meds until day 6. Our ENT had advised that it wasn't a linear recovery, and it wasn't. One day he woke up and seemed much, much better. I think it has something to do with the scabs falling off. Day 6 was also when his breath became tolerable! Until then, whew, stinky!! Once he recovered, it has been a night and day improvement. Better sleep, more energy, no more drool, it was definitely worth it.

Hannah Vrugteveen said...

super brave boys!! Hope and pray the healing goes super quick! Safe travels to Canada :) Maybe we'll bump into each other!
Hannah :)