Friday, December 29, 2017

Sledding in Michigan, 2017

After lunch on the 29th, Aunt Mary joined us and we went sledding!   Even though it was quite cold out, the sun was shining and there was NO wind, so it was actually quite pleasant!

Happy, happy kids

Goofy Mommy

Philip did a great job of making this sled run for the kids by packing it down over and over and adding snow to bare spots until they could slide all the way down the hill to the sidewalk!

Caleb was quite content to collect a ton of hard snowballs from the edge of the sidewalk

Keenan's snow angel

Just the girls

Unloading his stash so Keenan could use the sled (watch for the snowballs later)

Philip also made a "hill" at the top of the sled run to help them get going better

Aunt Mary showing off her skill on a little "Bunny" sled from Norway!

Helping Philip get going (he kept sliding off the back)


There he goes!

Aunt Mary had better luck

Keenan made his own track a little ways away...

It worked great!

He even got some air up over the edge of the snow beside the sidewalk!

How cool is that!?

Riah did too!

Aunt Mary tried it out, but didn't try the air part =)

At this point, I was happy with the photos I'd got, and my toes were quite cold, so I sat in the van... and then the fun continued, so I snapped these pictures through the window:

Caleb and Aunt Mary decided to use some of his snowballs...

Philip retaliates...

Caleb comes in with the big guns...

Aunt Mary dumps a sled full of snow on Philip...

Caleb takes Daddy down...

Aunt Mary sits on him in triumph...

Philip grabs her...

...and throws her over!

She finishes him off =)

Rosy-cheeked happy boy!

These next photos didn't happen until the following day but go under the "sledding" heading, so I decided to include them here:

The kids wanted to do more sledding, but neither Philip or I really wanted to drive them anywhere.  Uncle Ty said that their kids used to make a little sledding "luge" run beside their house... so Philip and the kids set out to make one!    Philip shoveled all the snow off the deck to use for it and also collected snow from the driveway.  They spent HOURS outside and ended up making an impressive track!

Caleb and Moriah coming down

Banking at the turn...

Carrying on down...

...and turfing off!

Keenan chooses a different position...

Look how far he went!

What fun for our kids to get to spend so much time in the snow on this visit!   They loved every second of it!   I loved that they loved it...and am so happy to be back in snow-less Kansas now ;)


Anonymous said...

So fun! I'm glad it wasn't too cold. I've been having a lot of fun seeing the snow through kids' eyes... It makes it so much more delightful instead of being annoyed by the snow (slow driving or having to shovel etc.) to remember how much FUN it is :)


Mom W. said...

I am with Rebekah, glad the kids can enjoy that freezing, cold white stuff, the Mexico gang too!!! So glad it was snowy (for them).

Good pictures Joia!!