Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pre-Christmas in Kansas, 2017

Since we're leaving for Canada tomorrow morning and not returning until the 31st, we decided to do our family Christmas today. =)

This morning, before Philip went to work, the kids opened their stockings:


 A female explorer lego minifigure

Pretending to eat his dill pickle ornament ;)

Ninja lego minifugure

Caleb Loved his multi tool!

A hair elastic lollipop!

Keenan's fleet of minifigures

Tonight, after a busy day of packing and errand running, we opened gifts when Philip got home from work: 

First up:  New Chrismtas pajamas from Grandma Eberts!

I have no idea what this goofy look was about!

Checking out Moriah's gift

I made this for Moriah.   This verse was the first one she really felt like God lead her to in the Bible and really spoke to her through.  I wanted a way for her to remember this special verse.  <3 p="">

Moriah making "antennae" out of the book light she got Keenan

Keenan got Moriah this adorable Fennec fox (look at those ears!)

This is what a real one looks like!   Isn't it ADORABLE!?

We bought this for Keenan on our RV trip!

National Parks Yahtzee!

Moriah gave me an adorable miniature stuffed moose and Canadian gosling and she made me a cool Canadian flag coaster!

Haha!   The scent of this candle from Keenan is "Cranberry Mistletoe"

Caleb gave Keenan a harmonica!

Philip got me this Awesome immersion blender!   The motor can come off and attach to the chopper or the whisk as well!

...and I gave him a Chromecast... and I don't even know what it's for!
(Not pictured:  I also gave him a speaker he can use in the shower to listen to music from his phone!)

Peeking into one of her gifts

Caleb gave me this adorable mug

The kids got this awesome shirt for Philip!

Keenan gave Philip this mug (seems appropriate)

Keenan gave Caleb this certificate that says:
'This gift card entitles Caleb Dooley to be read one book every day
for 100 days!  by Keenan"

Perhaps the best gift of the day was that our family was all healthy and able to really enjoy this time together!   We are so grateful!   Tomorrow... on the road to Canada!

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