Sunday, December 3, 2017

It's Beginning to Look/Taste/Feel a Lot Like Christmas...

The day after Thanksgiving, the kids and I decorated for Christmas!

The "Before" picture

Cooper was still here (how cute is he??)

 After (don't mind the wonky star on top)

 Tree, fireplace and mantel

These fun photography themed pieces on the mantel were a gift from Wendy

 Over the couch
(I love this quote from "Elf" and Moriah made the cute little mitten canvas!)

Some fun decorations on the photo shelf

The weather was GORGEOUS so Philip and the kids got the lights up later that day!

The kids spent a baking day with Wendy last week:
(All of these photos are from her)




...and then it started to get crazy..

Caleb's finished masterpieces

Goofy pants


I guess he wasn't done...

...then they started decorating themselves!

Wendy must have more patience than I (she also ended up doing laundry as a result)


Belly art!

Hulk frosting

While Philip and I were at a Christmas party last night, their babysitter, Leigh Ann agreed to do this with them!

Each kid decorated a side and Leigh Ann did one side

Love this tradition

We had a great time at the residency party...

 Selfie by the tree

 I got to chill with Joia (and then she took a nap in my arms) <3 p="">

 So glad Devin and Melissa are back on the Via Christi team, it's great to have them at parties!

Love this one outside the restaurant

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh... Christmas stuff... I'm still waiting for the spirit to hit. We have our first Christmas party on Friday night, and it's at our house, so I guess it had better hit soon! Haha. Then all the festivities will begin!

Anyway, I love all this Christmas stuff! It looks so fun. Your decorations are awesome, and I LOVED the part about the icing! Hahahahahahahaha! That's such an aunt thing to do - it gives me some good ideas :)

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Rebekah :)