Sunday, December 3, 2017

Full House, Full Hearts

After an unfortunate miscommunication at Thanksgiving, we decided to have Jane and Amos and their family over for lunch and a little Christmas celebration today.   Their whole family had never been here before - two sets of kids, but neither Jane or Amos (or little Bahati), so it was a big (exciting) deal to finally have all Nine of them here at once! =)

We met them after church with both our vehicles and they all piled in.   Jane (unbeknownst to me) had made a TON of food (even though I had Four batches of chili waiting at home!)    She made amazing African rice, chicken, beef and fish...soo good! 

All ten kids at the table

After lunch it was time for presents
(Jane said they didn't need anything but that they would like some Christmas shirts)


The first family picture I've ever got of them
(Back: Amos, Jane, John, Roger, Patricia
Front: Justus, Bahati, Michael, Gabriel)

This picture makes me so happy =)

Amos took this picture of Jane and I

After gifts, the kids all headed outside and Philip and I sat and talked to Jane and Amos.  It was the best talk we've ever had with them!   Most of what Amos said had to be translated by Jane, but we got to know him a lot better and he is a very like-able guy with an incredible story of survival when he fled the Congo as a young man.   (Since my mom was also born in Congo, he feels that I am his "African sister").

* Update:   Amos is doing much better physically, has regained most if not all his memory and is hoping to go back to work part time in the next couple of weeks.  Jane has a cleaning job that she enjoys at the Kansas Spine and Specialty Hospital and they have moved to a newer, bigger house with five bedrooms and two bathrooms.  God is so good!

I texted my Tanzanian neighbors down the street and mentioned that we had some Ugandan friends over if they wanted to stop by and say hi.   The wife, Jackie, did come by and within seconds of her walking in the door, they were all animatedly speaking Swahili, and did so for the next 40 minutes or so!   Wow.   That made my heart so happy.    Jackie actually had tears running down her face several times as she listened to them talk.

Here is a very special picture of me with some of my "African family" in Wichita <3 p="">

After Jackie left, Jane and Amos made a point of having Philip and I sit down so Amos could thank us for helping take care of his family and visiting him while he was in the hospital.   (He has only recently started to remember what happened during that time).   It was very humbling and we feel honored to be part of their lives and count them as family.

There was so much food left that we were able to feed 15 people at our house church gathering tonight with it and still had left overs.   How wonderful it was to share food from Jane with some of the people who have prayed so much for their precious family!

I got a text tonight from Michael saying that his dad wanted me to know it was exactly a year ago today that he had his accident... Wow!   I love how God works details out.   How blessed we are to have this family in our lives.

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Anonymous said...

This is such an awesome post! I got a full heart just reading it <3 I'm so thankful that you can be a blessing to them and they to you. So special!
Love you,