Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December Ups and Downs

Since the boy's surgeries, we have had a roller coaster of a time!    Our days have been interspersed with painful lows for the boys and sweet blessings from the Lord...  Here, in no particular order are a few snapshots of life around here as of late:

This Gorgeous Poinsettia was delivered the day of the boy's surgery from Philip's boss!

 I LOVE these drawings of Caleb's!
(He got a "How to Draw 101 Animals" book from Matt and Jessica for his birthday)

One of the perks of these days has been that our snuggler has been SUPER snuggly.  I took this photo about ten minutes after he said, "Instead of taking a nap today I'd rather go to bed early tonight"  Haha!

 My sweet girl and I
(She has been Super helpful to me with the boys being down and out)

Our friend, Patrick came to hang out with the boys so Philip and I could go see Moriah in the AWANA Christmas program.  (Due to an error on my part, we had the time wrong and missed the whole thing!)   Moriah was super sweet about it though... Patrick played a duet with her on the piano when we got back =)

 Riah being silly when she and I went shopping

 Fun nails I did for her

 Caleb and Moriah made this Amazing lego Santa!

I surprised the kids after an especially rough night, by inviting Jade, Eden and Treyson over for lunch to cheer the up:

 Good buddies sharing popiscles =)

 Keenan didn't even feel well enough to eat lunch, but they enjoyed looking at the blog post of his trip to Michigan with Philip

 Our friend, Jon, was over for dinner one night (he and Caleb are GREAT buddies!) and Caleb gave him a Kansas State Wildcat coaster

The one event our whole family made it to last week was the CC Christmas party:

 Moriah and her birthday twin, Miss Shiahna!

 The kids did some fun Minute to Win It games

They had to follow directions and draw a Christmas picture on top of their heads!

Wendy gave me this adorable little Moose Mountie that she found at a thrift shop!  What!?  I LOVE him!!  =)

 The boys found that heating our rice bags up in the microwave and putting them on their ears was about the only thing that provided any relief

 I scored this advent calendar for FREE at Dillons!!  (It was on the clearance shelf, didn't have a price, one of the door knobs was loose and door number 4's magnet was missing).  I happened to know the person that the cashier asked about it and he gave it to me for free!  Way cool!

Moriah ended up joining the boys on the med rotation on her birthday when she got STREP!  =0/

This was the only way I could keep meds for three kids straight in my head when they all have different doses, and Moriah's Motrin/Tylenol was off set from the boy's!

The past week was SO exhausting for all of us and at times it seemed as if the boys were Never going to feel any better (I actually wondered if we'd be able to make the trip to Canada at all), but yesterday they finally turned a corner and are feeling better all the time now!   Praise God!

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