Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Eve, 2017

We spent the night on the 23rd at my parent's house and had house church at their house with some friends in the morning and had a delicious lunch before packing up to head back to St. Thomas. 

When we got to Mark and Rebekah's, Shaelyn had made a fun sign (just like in the story!) and put it out on the porch to surprise Caleb:

He Loved it!!

He loves Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah's toys!

It was a pretty chill afternoon:

Knitting and hat making...

Piano playing...

Pizza eating...

That's a lot of kids!

Steph and Mika

Our fantastic hosts and their fun shirts!

Pajama kids by the fireplace

Then we sang a couple Christmas carols by the tree...

For the Christmas Eve movie... we went downstairs, and the guys moved some furniture down the steps!

Everyone settled for the movie, "Christmas Miracle"

...and after, in response to a challenge by the boys - Steph and I carried one of the chairs back up the stairs ;)

All the girls bedded down for some great Christmas Eve sleep (wink, wink)

...and the boys (before Caleb kept the awake for a long time)

Philip and I and Andrew and Bethany stayed at a hotel a few minutes away... so we probably got the best sleep of all!  =)

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Mom W. said...

Haha, Granny doing her knitting... it was a fun time though!!!