Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Day, Ontario, 2017

Here is a belated Christmas day post.   Since a lot of these pics are Rebekah's and are mixed in with mine, they aren't necessarily in order, and I'm just not going to worry about that =)

The day started for us at the hotel and I gave Philip one of his presents... a book I had filled with things I had written every day since last Christmas day.   Things I appreciate about him, things I was thankful for that he did, or mishaps that our family had had that I was glad he hadn't freaked out about ;)   It was such a good experience for me (to be daily reminded and document all the ways I'm blessed by him) that I have decided to do it again this year. <3 p="">
We got to Mark and Rebekah's around 8:30 and enjoyed a Delicious breakfast with the family.   First up after that was stockings!!

I love this shot Rebekah got of Tim and Steph

That's a LOT of people and stockings!!

Nice photo bomb, Philip! =)

Next, we moved to the living room, around the tree and opened gifts!

Bethany, Andrew, Alycia

Rob, Ada and Olivia

Anxious kids

Caleb had Nathaniel's name in the kid drawing

Fun gifts from Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah!

Bethany gave me a salt lamp I had been wishing for!

Haha!   Caleb opened a mac'n'cheese box and we tried to convince him it was his real gift

Alisa had Caleb's name

Moriah and Shaelyn with their gifts for each other

In the afternoon, most of us divided up into two teams and did a fun photo scavenger hunt around town that Mark and Rebekah had organized.  It was a (chilly) blast!!

My team posing with a nativity scene

Jump shot!

It started snowing a TON while we were out!

My team at the end

Keenan and Moriah were on the other team.  Here are a few pictures of their fun:

Crammed into a phone booth

Posing with the canon

Team pyramid!

Rebekah bought these beautiful scarves for all the women
I thought we should do a pose demonstrating all the many ways they could be warn! ;)


...and a normal one - aren't they all so pretty?
(She really did a good job coordinating them all with what we were wearing that day, too!)
This picture shows several of us wearing slippers that my mom made and put in our stockings!

Mark and Tim shoveled out the driveway for us before we arrived that morning!
(Mark in his festive pajamas)

Keenan humored me and played some songs on the piano

Moriah made herself a scarf on Auntie Ada's loom!

A pajama picture (at my request)

Caleb actually got a Hippopotamus for Christmas!! =)

Superhero Nata!

Keenan gave Mika this necklace

Alisa gave Caleb these cool "sticky men!"

More present opening pics from earlier

Moriah and I warming our toes by the fire after nearly freezing them on the photo scavenger hunt!

That evening our favorite quintet sang "O Holy Night" and Philip and I called his mom and Myrtle on separate phones and "gifted them" the song!   So fun!

Love hearing these guys all sing together!

That evening, a bunch of us crowded around Mark's laptop to look at photos of Andrew and Bethany's new beautifully built and decorated home!

When we got to the hotel, Philip and I opened a bottle of bubbly and organized and packed up all our stuff and newly acquired gifts before heading to bed.

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Mom W. said...

The first scarf picture is hilarious!!! so funny!! Great pictures Joia!! It went SO fast though...