Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Philip had to round on Thanksgiving day, so we didn't make plans to travel.

While he was at work, the kids and I went downtown to watch Gabriel and Michael (and some other friends) run in the Say Grace 5K.

Gabriel and Micheal at the front of the pack before the starting gun went off

There they go!

We really didn't have long to wait for them to come back through the finish!

Gabriel, running hard

Come on, Michael!

Gabriel's finishing time

Michael's time

Posing with them after they'd caught their breath with the sign the kids made for them

Our day was relaxing, since we weren't hosting and didn't need to be anywhere until 4 pm.

I made cheesy potatoes, a fruit tray and roasted some veggies to take:

Don't these look so good??

I even got in a nap with my favorite six year old...

One of the many reasons I am grateful =)

Our friends, Stacy and James (we are in the same CC group as their family) changed their plans last minute and ended up being in town, so we decided to get together with them!

Shot of their family
Stacy, James, Tristan, Sara, Abby and Joe

All of us at dinner - it was So delicious!

The adults had a great time chatting and the kids played in the basement.  

Joe set up this mammoth train track for Caleb and we could barely tear him away!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had - thank you Stacy and James for hosting us!! =)

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Mom W. said...

Looks like it was a wonderful time together with friends and yay for not having to host it!!!!