Monday, November 27, 2017

Middle of November Happenings

On November 15th, Caleb went on a lunch date with Wendy.   She gave him a coupon for his birthday and he got to choose where they would go.  He chose Chick Fil A. =)

After lunch, they went to Petland and snuggled puppies =)

On the 16th, Moriah and Eden skyped with their friend, Tam.   She and her parents moved to a closed country for a year back in July.  The girls had a great time catching up!

On the chilly, windy, rainy morning of the 18th, we did the Turkey Trot!

Us three just before the start

After the race with our medals 
Wendy ran with us and she made cute pilgrim outfits for her, Moriah and me.

Our Ugandan friends, Gabriel and Michael (who run track and cross country for their high school) did the 10 mile race that morning.   We didn't see them start, and we had left before they finished, so I looked up the results online...

I was SOOO proud to see that they finished 1st and 3rd Overall!!!   What!?
(Micheal had Never run 10 miles before in his life)

Since our family ended up with THREE turkeys from the race, we were able to give one to the people hosting our refugee friends for Thanksgiving, and also provided the turkey for the friends who hosted Us for Thanksgiving. =)

Some magnatile creations later that day...

Love this elaborate structure Keenan and Moriah made!

Other side

Caleb Never runs out of ideas for these

That night, a new buddy, Cooper, showed up!   We agreed to dog sit for our friends for the week.  Cooper is a sweet, ten year old Chihuahua/Pomeranian cross.   We had a Great time with him!

Being silly his first night here

Caleb left laundry on the floor after sorting his out and Cooper thought it was a great place to curl up =)

On the 19th, we did a special "kid's house church" and packed Operation Christmas Child boxes together.   Each kid chose an adult (who wasn't their parent) to pack their box with, then the adult helped them write a note to include and they prayed over the box.

Caleb working with his buddy, Patrick

From the left, Charis is helping Moriah, Michaela and Daniel, and then I'm helping the other Moriah with her box

In the kitchen - Devin and Melissa and their kids and Drew helping Treyson

On Monday, the 20th, I did a shoot for our friends, Drew and Lindsay who just welcomed baby Lila Jane into the world!

Tiny peanut!  She weighs just over five pounds!

What a sweet family (Lila was awake for the whole time after the first shot!)

Tiny hand

My friend, Wendy, stayed with us for part of Thanksgiving week...

Sporting our race shirts

Cooper snuck up on the couch during Bible reading and Philip didn't even notice! =)

Caleb, excited to help Wendy with a sewing project =)

Moriah helped by ironing the fabric

Turkey head!

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Mom W. said...

I realize I haven't looked at your blog for awhile... catching up, good thing you told me about some of this stuff!!! Did Wendy make the stuff that Caleb had on for his "turkey head"?