Sunday, November 5, 2017

Laura and Ciara's Visit - October 2017

Laura and Ciara flew in on the afternoon of October 24th!

This was the five minutes of the trip when Ciara was shy ;)
(Moriah made the fun sign)

So good to see this girl again!  =)

On Wednesday morning we headed to the zoo!

We had a fun time at the zoo (other than losing Ciara's Minnie Mouse hoodie, which was thankfully found and we picked up later in the week!)

We had a chill afternoon and then all the kids went to AWANA and Laura and I had a delightful dinner and chat at Noodles and Company.   After the kids went to bed, we started watching "Meagan Leavey".

On Thursday, we went to Walter's Pumpkin Patch with our homeschool group!   This was the grandfather of all pumpkin patches... definitely the Best one we'd ever been to!!

Listening to a talk about pumpkin growing, harvesting and the different kinds they have

Then all the kids got to pick a pumpkin!

Look at these two cuties!

With my punkin's

So pretty

Our whole crew!

On the wagon ride

After getting back from picking our pumpkins, we had the run of the place... there were at least four different "areas" with multiple activities in each!   Keenan was delighted to be able to run off with his friends and Laura and I hung with the three younger ones.

How cute are they?

This was called the "Bag Swing"  :)

There was even a concession stand that sold snacks and hot lunch foods!

On one of the bouncy "blobs"

I Love this one!

Haha, Riah!

After a few hours we had a picnic lunch and headed for home.   Some of us took naps, Laura and I finished our movie (true story about a woman in the marines who was the handler of a bomb sniffing dog).

On Friday morning, Philip took our three kids to CC, so I could stay home for the morning with Laura.  She, Ciara and I drove to the zoo to pick up Ciara's hoodie and then went to Starbucks for fun drinks.   She and Ciara had the house to themselves for the afternoon while I went to CC so Philip could go in to work.
That evening we did our Christmas photos (it was COLD!!) at a cool spot downtown near the railroad tracks:

I love this one Keenan snapped of Laura and I

I think these turned out really cute

Two pretty girls

My family all cooperated So well in the cold and nearly every pose was nailed on the first try!  When we finished we went to Cheddars and warmed up over delicious food!

And yes, here you can see that Philip has grown a beard!   After not shaving for 17 days on our RV trip, I told him now was the time to go for it if he wanted to!  :)

Saturday was a lazy morning... around 11, Laura and I headed out (Philip and the kids watched the Michigan football game and had hotdogs for lunch) and went to the dollar store and then the Spice Merchant (where we got lots of yummy things), ad then to Cafe Maurice for lunch.

Chicken skewers, roasted veggies and Baba Ganoush!  Yum!!

We had an early dinner and then Laura took all four kids to the Trunk or Treat at Sharon Baptist (this is part of our "weaning our kids off of Halloween" this year) while I did the engagement photo shoot.

All ready to go!

Even from this small event, they came home with a ridiculous amount of candy

Three cuties by the fire on Sunday morning

I'd had a stressful evening and morning after not feeling great about how the photo shoot turned out.  Laura took the girls to Walmart for a while and came back with a Starbucks gift card and these Beautiful flowers for me!

Aren't they gorgeous??
(Even now, a Week later, they are still beautiful!)

The afternoon was quite beautiful and warm so we took the kids to the park for a while.    Laura and Ciara came with us to joint house church that evening and met a bunch of the people who we share life with.   Laura and I left early with the younger ones so she could get Ciara to bed before their early flight the next morning.

I dropped them at the airport shortly after 6 on Monday morning and they were off!   It was Such a wonderful week and I am so blessed to have such a loyal friend who visits me regularly even though I live so far away!    I love you, Laura!  <3 p="">


Laura said...

And I love you!!! Thanks for the most amazing week!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a good trip - so fun to have such "long" (I prefer this to "old") friends in our lives :)

It looks like Ciara and Moriah really hit it off!

LOVE the pumpkin patch! SO cool!

The flowers from Laura are beautiful.

I'm glad you had such a good time together :)

Rebekah :)