Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Caleb's Sixth Birthday!

Our curly, funny, talented, animated Caleb is SIX years old!!

For a week or so before his birthday, we weren't allowed to talk about his birthday, or the date, or day of the week or how soon his birthday was because he wanted to the day to come without him knowing and just wake up and be Surprised that it was his birthday!!  Haha!   We did our best at being very sneaky...and he went to bed on the 6th with no idea that the next day was It!  I decorated, and was sitting in the living room when he woke up on the 7th and he came out of his bedroom, and said, "It's my BIRTHDAY!??"   It. Was. Awesome.

Philip had actually already left to go to an early meeting (but came back after), so the kids had breakfast while he was gone.

Caleb's chosen birthday breakfast

We call this a "Reese's banana"

With is gifts

With all the decorations

When Philip stopped back by, Caleb opened his gifts.   Boy, I love how easy he still is to buy for! =)

The big craft jar was from Mom and Jeff
The scotch tape (declared his favorite gift) was from Moriah - this kid LOVES Scotch tape!
The sharpies were from Keenan
The "How to Draw 101 Animals" book and fidget spinner were from Matt and Jessica
The wallet, "lego rolls" (tape sort of stuff that you can stick on any surface and build with legos on!) and the little photo album of pictures of Philip and Caleb were from us.  *Keenan and Moriah both got albums like that of their own when Philip deployed (of course, Caleb was in utero that whole time), and Caleb often looks at them and had asked "Why don't I have one??"  I made him one for his birthday and he Loved it.

A few random cell phone pictures from the day:

With a fun Cars 3 display at Walmart

On our way to CC every week, we drive by a lot where they sell all styles of backyard sheds.   Caleb has always affectionately called this little blue one "his house".   As we drove by on his birthday on our way to the library, I decided we should stop and get a picture of him with it.   

Caleb's little house!
(It would be super fun to actually own it, but it's $2700!)

They even went inside and checked out the "loft!"

All three kids

The afternoon was spent reading library books, watching movies and doing crafts. =)

Birthday cake that evening.  Caleb's pick:  DQ Chocolate Extreme Mini Blizzard Cake

Happy Birthday, Caleb, we love you soo much!!

* In the afternoon, we all had to take a break from birthday festivities for an ENT appointment.   We left there with tonsillectomies scheduled for BOTH boys on December 11th! (We sure know how to give great birthday gifts).


Anonymous said...

I LOVE ALL these pictures!

Happy, happy birthday Caleb!

I love all the fun things you guys to do make the day so special.

My favourite picture was the one of Caleb in front of his "house". Too cute :)

Looking forward to seeing the big 6 year old soon!


Mom W. said...

I LOVED THAT HOUSE TOO, great taste Caleb, of course it was blue and white!!! ;) What a fun Birthday, even with the ENT appt. Haha!!

Can't wait to see you!!!