Friday, October 20, 2017

My Namesake!!

Canadian Thanksgiving was made even more special by a phone call I got early that morning!   Our friends, Josh and Charis called from the hospital to say, .."we were wondering if we could have your permission to use your first name for our baby girl?"   WHAT!?   Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!   I was delighted and honored and SO giddy for the rest of the day!    Joia Timmi McCoy shares MY name! I got to meet her for the first time on Sunday:

How exciting!!!

With Joia and her amazing parents, Josh and Charis

Joia Joia!

...and then she fell asleep in my arms <3 p="">

Moriah got a turn, too =)

Somewhere around 25 years ago, one of the boys (it sounds like it was Tim) gave me a bunny, wearing a dress and he'd had my name embroidered on it.  It was such a special gift!   Sometime over the years, I gave the bunny away, but Could Not bring myself to part with the little dress.   After baby Joia was born, I dug out the dress and bought a little moose (so she'll remember that I'm Canadian) and decided to pass it along!

How cute is that??

I stopped by on Wednesday and gave her the moose and prayed over her.  Her parents loved it! =)

Two Joias and a Joia Moose!

Thank you, Josh and Charis for the honor of sharing my name with your precious daughter!!


Mom W. said...

Oh this is so special, I got goose bumps and enjoyed it all. Thanks for sharing this and so fun that they chose your name!!!

Anonymous said...

This is SO, SO COOL!

I've always LOVED your name and can completely see why they wanted to use it! Also, that's so special that Little Joia will have pictures of meeting you and have the moose too!

Loved this post!