Sunday, October 15, 2017

Life after the BFFRVV...

Since we've been home for two and a half weeks now, I guess I should update on life since our big trip!

First some random things that weren't photographed:

I watched Florence Foster Jenkins with a friend (the hilariously true story of an opera singer who couldn't sing!)  Meryl Streep was fantastic.

Caleb ran his first non stop mile on October 12th in 12:07!

The kids started AWANA again (after missing the first few weeks while we were gone).

I did my second self defense class with Fearless and Female (with a few friends):

 The whole group

 Melissa and I with "Bob"

Our friends, Taylor and Rachel not being so kind to Bob

At our second week back to CC, I was in Keenan's class and the teacher did a fun review game where the kids had to put on a costume piece if they got an answer wrong (they had an uneven number of kids to pair up, so I ended up playing too).  I don't think many of us actually got answers wrong, we just really wanted to dress up;)

Haha! (well, everyone except Keenan wanted to dress up!)

A close up of my 'stache

We hosted some of our house church friends for Canadian Thanksgiving!

My fall mantel (with help from some borrowed decorations from a friend)

I Love this picture that Moriah drew! =)

Serving up the spread!

Our friend, Bonnie, made butter tarts!   Katie picked up another "Canadian dessert"...maple cookies (actually made in Canada!)  =)

The whole group
(L- Jon, Bonnie, Josh, R - Drew, Lindsay, Katie)

After a delicious dinner, we opted to play some games...and the genders chose Very different games from each other =)  
The girls opted to play Whoonu, Dixit and Speak Out...

...while the guys played one intense game of Seven Wonders

Moving on to some things our creative kids have made recently...
Keenan and Moriah with a fun rainbow craft they made at Bible study the week we were talking about the flood in our Genesis study (Caleb wanted to get in there too)

Caleb with his set of homemade armor

Moriah with an elephant she drew at CC

Moriah and Caleb with headpieces they made

Keenan's Giant Lego pyramid!

Yesterday, on the 14th, we and a bunch of friends showed up for the KAFP-F (Kansas Academy of Family Physicians Foundation) 5K, and it got cancelled because of storms!  =0/  Boo!  They did, however have all you can eat pancakes so most of our group thoroughly enjoyed that anyway. ;)

Philip renamed the race from "Let's Run, Kansas" to "Let's Eat Pancakes"

After the race I went to the hospital to take pictures of this little beauty.    I may or may not have mentioned on the blog two years ago when I took birth photos for this baby's mom when she delivered a tiny baby, Nevaeh, who had multiple congenital abnormalities and only lived for five days.   After that, the family moved to Texas and we lost touch.    This summer, I ran into Tajah (the mom) when both of our kids attended the same VBS!  They had moved back to Wichita and she was pregnant with another baby girl, this one healthy!   She was born on the 13th and Tajah asked if I would come take some photos at the hospital.   This was a Much more joyous event!

Ni'omi Hope

There was another exciting thing that happened this week, but I will post about it in a couple days after I get some photos... =)

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Mom W. said...

Ahhh, so happy that they had a healthy baby girl this time, much more fun for sure!!! Can't wait to hear what you left out at the end... =)