Friday, September 1, 2017

Tiara Tri 2017

Tiara Tri number three is in the books!

After getting a little lost on the way there, and then me panicking because I'd forgotten my ID, we finally got all checked in and got our stuff placed in transition.

Fun selfie with Melissa and Tiara

Ready to do this!!

My support team showed up just in time for the swim!

We are ready!

So jittery, waiting for the swim to start

...and we're off!

The swim course was even longer this year, so I was super thankful for the swim sessions I did with a friend who is a competitive swimmer!

Ugh, so tired....

One down!

In transition with Tiara

Let's get out of here!   I went sock-less this year to save time in transition

Off I go!  

Fun kid pictures while they waited on us to get back from the bike portion

Moriah and the Penny's cousins watching me come in

I was only passed by one person on the bike portion!

Racking my bike

Philip thought it was funny that I took time in transition to put deodorant on... ;)

Now to the run!

 On the run, my goal was to stay with a girl ahead of me who was only doing the run portion on a relay team.   "Just.. keep... up...with... purple pants!"  =)

Coming across the final bridge with "purple pants" right behind me...

...and Melissa right behind her!


A high five with Melissa from the spot I flopped on the ground

Traditional flexing pose after the finish =)

So glad to have friends to do this race with!
(I have already recruited two more for next year and am hoping for a bunch more!!)

With my main man (he Rocks this tri thing... bringing and feeding the kids, positioning himself well for photos and is always on top of getting our results from the time sheets at the finish!

Before we loaded up my bike, I asked Philip if he would retake this photo from my first tri in 2012!  =)

Haha!   (I was a little more excited about this photo than Caleb was)

This year's shirt and medal (the best ones yet!)

My time:

I placed 17th overall, out of 69 participants.   My time was 1:12:34 (14 seconds faster than last year)

My swim time was 11:07, bike was 32:35 and run was 27:03.

Thank you God for a healthy body to do this again!

I. LOVE. This. Race!   So thankful to have such a fun race to participate in and am honored to run with all the women who come each year!


The Woodfords said...

Great job, Joia! Not sure how you make all that work look like so much fun! =)

The Wonder woman outfit was the Best!!


Bethany said...

Awesome! This is on my list for this year (hopefully)... was for the summer but the house and move took precedence over training =/ And now I don't think it'd be before next spring?.?.? Eventually...

Anonymous said...

Good job Joia! I love your strong pose and you with your cheerleaders <3 Philip's right. The deoderant picture was a little funny :) And good job beating Purple Pants!

My FAVOURITE picture is the one of you holding your bike and Caleb. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I want to know how many years you will keep that picture pose going :)

Love you,

Mom W. said...

Purple pants... funny!!! Did you know she was going to race before? I like the picture of you with the bike and Caleb too, also wondering how many years you can keep it up!!