Friday, September 1, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

We traveled 3 hours to Atchison, KS to stay with friends and witness the solar eclipse in the path of totality!  In all honesty, I wouldn't have known much about this eclipse if I wasn't married to Philip.   He bought the eclipse glasses (way ahead before they cost TEN times as much on Amazon), he was the one who knew where the path of totality would be, and made plans to stay where we did.  I'm so glad I'm married to such a nerd!  =)

We drove to Brandon and Bonnie's (they both graduated from Via Christi in 2016) on Sunday afternoon.  After we got there, all the guys went disc golfing and Moriah and I hung out and chatted with the ladies while they got dinner ready.  Our family had the whole basement to ourselves that night and were very comfortable.

The next day dawned pretty stormy looking... =0/  We weren't sure at all, from the weather forecast if there would even be much to see come eclipse time!

A couple photos I snapped of hummingbirds on their back patio!

So beautiful

The morning was very fun and laid back...

Keenan and Philip played a game of "Kansas-opoly" with Bonnie =)

I read some "How to Train Your Dragon" books to the younger kids

Ethan is such a cutie!

The time finally arrived and we all donned our super cool glasses and headed outside!

I love this photo!

Philip and I

(I asked Philip to take over for these details) When we headed out a couple of minutes before totality we couldn't see the sun at all but from what we had read we would still be able to notice a dramatic darkening when we entered the umbra.  We started hearing some noise, like cheering from down the street which we assumed meant people where actually able to hear something and sure enough right before totality a thin spot in the clouds started floating by and we were able to witness the last bit of the partial eclipse as totality set in and then more clouds moved in and we couldn't see anything.

You can see how the lights across the street came on as it got dark out and we were able to take our eclipse glasses off to try and see something through the clouds.

The difference between 99.5% eclipse and totality really was pretty dramatic.  

Even with the cloud cover it felt like the world was on a dimmer switch and in a matter of seconds it had been dimmed off.  There was another thinning of the clouds and we got a nice view of totality but because of the clouds we never got to see any stars or planets.  We could see another larger break in the clouds heading our way but we could also see that it was probably not going to arrive in time.  Sure enough, the dimmer switch slid in the other direction just as dramatically and by the time that next break in the clouds arrived we were back to 99% or so.

Philip is holding Caleb's glasses on to be sure he didn't try to look at the sun without them 
(as just seconds before we were able to safely look up without glasses)

Pretty cool experience to see the giant banana in the sky

After the eclipse, we had a delicious lunch on the grill, burgers and dogs, played one more round of a super fun game, called "Wits and Wagers" and headed for home.   The drive that took 2.5 hours on the way there took FIVE AND A HALF hours on the way home, as we headed south to go home.   We hadn't planned snacks for the trip since it was so short, but after all that time, and not having anything for the kids to eat, I was ready to ask strangers in the cars around us if we could buy snacks from them!  :P

In other random news... I'm teaching Moriah to iron!

She did this whole shirt! =)

On to other August happenings...


Anonymous said...

This looks SO COOL! We had a lot of fun at our eclipse party, but I do wish we'd been able to be in the path of totality. It's supposed to happen here in seven years, so that'll be fun. We should probably order our eclipse glasses now :) Haha!

Love reading your updates!


Mom W. said...

I didn't know it was supposed to happen here in 7 years... wow, cool. So fun to see this!!!